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Stanek vs. Polaris

I am busy replacing some windows and have narrowed my search down to three estimates. The first is from Renewal By Andersen, the second is Polaris and the third is Stanek. I went on recommendations given to me by friends and family that had used each of these window companies and each one came with glowing reports.

A friend who had Stanek windows installed has had them for over seven years, where my other family and friends had their installations done recently. The Polaris stood out because of their price and foam filled frame, but I am concerned as one of the replacements is a sliding door and I am not sure how they will do on this. From what I can see Stanek and Andersen windows look stronger when it comes to their frames, even though they are slightly more expensive. I could really do with some advice on which is the better choice.

Nancy – Consumer – from 2011

[Contractor Response]

You have narrowed your search down to some good window selections, though I wouldn’t pay a high price for any of them. Whatever you do don’t take your windows from one and sliding door from another, it is going to look strange on your home, try and stick to one company for all the windows and doors that you need. Have you looked at other window companies such as Okna, Soft-Lite or Gorell windows? They are also all great window companies and they have really nice looking windows that are durable.

If you have already looked at the other companies and want an answer out of the three you have listed, I would have to say go with the Polaris windows. They are good value for money. They are strong windows and I have them installed in my own property and have never had any problems with them. Ideally you want the UltraWeld range and not the ThermalWeld range.

Wayne – Installer – from 2011