Vinylmax Windows Reviews

Our Vinylmax Windows reviews can help homeowners form a better understanding on the company’s most popular series, including the Radiance, Franklin, Edison, and Newton vinyl window series.

The Basics: Vinylmax Windows is based out of Hamilton, Ohio and has been at it since 1982. In addition to a factory in Ohio, the company has a plant in Clifton Park, New York.

Their Windows: The company manufactures a number of vinyl window and door series, including the Radiance, Franklin, Edison, and Newton. The Edison tends to be their most popular series, with the Newton as their premium window.

Bottom Line: Vinylmax isn’t exactly a household name, but the company makes quality windows and doors – often at a fair price point.

Company Rating: 7.0 out of 10

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Bill – Site Editor

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Vinylmax Windows Reviews

Vinylmax Windows Reviews

Hey Bill, I have a question for you. We have narrowed down our search to three options and I was curious what you thought the best one was. The first is the Vinylmax Edison and this came out to $700 per window and that includes installation, tear out, and everything else that goes along with it (not totally sure everything it entails). The next option is the ProVia Endure and this was considerably more expensive at about $800 per window all in. Finally, we got a bid on the Window Nation Georgetown series that came out to 820 all in. All of the installation companies seem to get good reviews I would say that they’re all pretty equal to one another.

Orrin – Homeowner – from 2024

Site Editor’s Response

Orrin, of the three options you mentioned, I think the best deal by far is the Vinylmax Edison series at $700 per window. The Edison is better than the Georgetown, but definitely not better than the ProVia Endure. You actually have a pretty good price on that Endure, but I still think that the Edison at $700, all in is the best long-term value for your money. The only caveat to this would be if you plan to be in this home forever. Then I think you may be consider the ProVia Endure, just because it’s such a great window. But from a value perspective, the Edison wins out.

Bill – Site Editor – from 2024

Vinylmax vs Ply Gem

I have narrowed my search down to Vinylmax Hyde Parks and Plygem Premiums. I compared the two windows side by side and I feel like the Vinylmax is stronger and the welds look nicer. Vinylmax offers an original homeowner warranty and glass breakage, while Plygem’s warranty is 25 years (no glass breakage). Both windows are in my budget, with the Vinylmax coming in at $60 per window more. The quotes are for the same package – frame tear outs and installation on double hungs with low-e glass and foam in frames. Any advice on which one to go with?

Rick – Homeowner – from 2022

[Response From A Professional Installer]

Since the quotes are obviously offering the same basic package and the same basic price on the replacement windows it should come down to the window ratings and numbers. Compare the U-value, SHGC, DP and AI numbers. Hopefully, that will be enough to make the choice a bit more clear. I have never installed Vinylmax, although the window has some nice features to it. However, I like the Plygem stainless spacer, where the Vinylmax has the Intercept space, which I’m not a fan of. Plygem offers a transferrable lifetime warranty I believe.

Joe – Window Installer – from 2022

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Vinylmax Windows Cost

Vinylmax window prices will range from $350 to $750 fully installed.

Vinylmax Radiance Cost: $350 installed

Vinylmax Franklin Cost: $400 installed

Vinylmax Edison Cost: $650 installed

Vinylmax Newton Cost: $700 installed

Vinylmax Door Costs: $800 to $2500 installed

Vinylmax Easton Review

The Easton line is a good window in its price range, I’d put it on par with a Simonton 5500 (although it comes with fewer options). I’d rate it above the Simonton 5050 and the r-5 triple pane option cuts noise by 50%. Over the past few months, I’ve really started being “up” on this company based on the handful of jobs I’ve installed. I know that some installers don’t think much of the company, but I’m like their approach. It’s a family run business that puts lots of emphasis on the replacement windows market. I recently installed a number of Hyde Park windows on a job and was very impressed with these replacements.

They remind me of Simonton before the huge corporate take over that transformed that company (they are still good, but I feel their service has considerably declined). Vinylmax products have solid performance numbers and I feel like they are a diamond in the rough — certainly a good value for consumers, given proper installation of course.

Peter – Window Installer – from 2021

Vinylmax vs Soft-Lite vs. Okna

In response to the homeowner comparing the Softlite Elements, Okna 800 and Vinylmax Easton – here is my take for what it is worth. The Soft-lite Elements and OKNA 800 have really good air infiltration (AI) numbers at .01cfm, while the Easton is just mediocre at .17cfm. In the double pane, Elements and Okna 800 have comparable U-factors at around .26, while the Easton is worse at .30. In triple pane with argon fills, the Elements and Okna 800 has a U-factor at around .19, while the Easton is worse at .23. I also believe the DP ratings are better for either of these than with the Easton…although I believe that Vinylmax offers a DP50 window, but I’m not sure what they call it.

The performance stats of the Vinylmax are fine, but they simply aren’t the same as the other two windows. Both the Elements and Okna 800 are more expensive than the Easton, but I think worth the higher price in the long run. If you are set on the Easton, make sure that the company you work with does the ordering correctly in order to get the Energy Star rating and rebate.

Jim – Window Contractor – from 2021

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Vinylmax vs Vista

I’m in Central Ohio and recently receive a contractor estimate for Vinylmax’s Easton line, double pane – the quote was for $7800 for 20 double hungs ($10, 800 for 24 triple pane windows). The contractor felt a little sleazy to me and kept pushing the idea that I would eventually get the energy rebate, but it sort of struck me as a ploy to charge me more. The quote for Vista windows was $200 more for the job. In the end, I decided on the Vista Windows who operate out of Warren in Ohio.

When I compared the two windows next to one another, the Vista felt more sturdy and solid. Their manufacturing process seemed very streamlined, whereas other manufacturers seemed more like batch assembly. The Vista windows also included spuer-spacers, while the Vinylmax used intercept.

The Vista, Simonton 5500 and Vinylmax all seemed relatively similar in both construction and quality – all solid mid grade windows. In the end, I just felt better about the Vista product and their installers.

Peete – Homeowner in Ohio – from 2016

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