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>Bill – Site Editor

Quaker Windows Review

I have old wooden windows that are rotted out and I definitely need to replace them. I have gotten some bids and was wondering what you thought of them…if you would be so kind…here is what I have 15 double hungs, 2 casement windows, 1 large half round window, 2 sliding glass doors, and 2 smaller half round windows.

Alside Mezzo Bid: $20.5K

Quaker Manchester Bid $23.9K

Anderson 100 Bid: $17.5K

Vinyl Kraft 5300 Bid $20.9K

Billy – Homeowner – from 2023

Site Editor’s Response

Billy, I’d say the Andersen 100 quote is the call here. The Alside Mezzo might be second and the Quaker window quote might be my third pick.

Bill – Site Editor – from 2023

Ellison or Quaker Windows?

We are in the process of building a home and have been spending some time researching the different windows available. Ellison is the one brand that is easily accessible in our area, except there are a number of poor reviews online about them. Even though the reviews tend to be quite old, I don’t seem to find any newer reviews to take into consideration. Quaker is the other window company in our area, but apparently they aren’t the best choice either. Does anyone have any advice for us? Hilley – Consumer – from 2013

[Installer Response]
Starting with the Ellisons. Yes they are what is considered a lower range window and are manufactured by Atrium. You can’t really go on everything you read, there are so many properties with poor quality work, but they weren’t all spread over the internet. There are also many good reviews, I am sure which didn’t make it onto the web. I can’t really comment on Quaker, I haven’t had much experience with them, though the reports I have got are not that good. Bradley – Installer – from 2013

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Windows with Wooden Interior

It’s time for my old 1908 home to enjoy the benefit of new windows. In keeping with the style I am looking for windows that offer a wood interior. There are two window companies that really stand out, the Quaker Brighton and the Windsor Pinnacle. I am really struggling with which to choose as I seem to find they are very similar. Does anyone know if there is another window I should be considering at the similar price? Cindy – Consumer – from 2008

[Installer Response]
I had Quaker Brighton windows installed some time back and have never had any problems. They offer excellent energy efficiency and noise insulation. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them.

Larry – Consumer – from 2012

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Quaker Costs & Pricing

Low End: $300 to $400 installed

Mid Range: $400 to $500 installed

High End: $500 to $600 installed

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Quaker Condensation Problems

A few years ago our builder recommended Quaker windows. We didn’t really know much about them but trusted his judgment and went with them. Does anyone know about these windows and whether they are quality? Every winter the windows get condensation on them. Our home only has a forty percent humidity factor during the winter, so I am not sure why the windows are doing this. If you touch them the windows are always freezing. To be honest I think we were taken for a bit of a ride and didn’t end up with the low-e glass we were promised, but just an average double paned window, even the vinyl freezes. What I need to know is whether it’s the windows or whether it was the installation that is causing all these problems?

Jackie – Consumer – from 2008

[Installer Response]
I feel as though I am reading my own story! We made the mistake of installing Quaker windows in our new home and struggle with condensation. Sometimes it gets so bad that the water actually pools below the window. If you feel around our windows you can feel the air leaking, so we called in the Quaker salesman who found that one of the windows had been installed incorrectly. I personally think they are poor quality windows and am going to be looking at replacing them with quality windows in the very near future. Tony – Consumer – from 2008

Poor Quality Windows

When I purchased my home a few years ago it already had Quaker windows installed. It wasn’t long before I started noticing problems with the windows from constant condensation to air leaking and even the screen tabs broke when I tried removing the screens to clean the window. After numerous complaints, all I can say is that Quaker do not care about customer service and don’t expect to get any action from them.

Bill – Consumer – from 2008