Harvey Windows Reviews 2022

Read Harvey windows reviews from consumers, contractors, industry professionals and homeowners on the Slimline, Classic and Tribute window series.

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Harvey Windows Reviews

We had their Classic series installed over a year ago and already a bunch of them need adjustments and several still don’t properly work. It’s unclear if the fault is with the installation or the window itself. I called Harvey’s customer service but so far they have not helped. In fact, the manager I spoke with was rude and basically told me that they don’t deal with consumers, only builders and contractors. The installers seem to have disappeared or at least haven’t returned our calls.

Robb – Homeowner in Boston – from 2008

Decent Mid Range Option

I would say Harvey is a decent mid range vinyl manufacturer. I would also say that their lower end vinyl windows are not very good, especially in the past. I think their Classic (step up from the Slimline) and Tributes (their high-end) are quite nice looking and have a good glass package. The triple pane Tribute has great performance numbers and is an all around good window. They are good about handling issues from their indepedent contractors here in the NE states.

Ron – Window Contractor – from 2009

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Harvey Price Facts

Harvey window prices range from $400 to $700 installed.

Harvey Slimline Cost: $400

Harvey Classic Cost: $500

Harvey Tribute Cost: $600

Harveys, Oknas & Gorells

Harvey windows aren’t bad, but both Okna and Gorell make a better product. Harvey produces a fairly generic window line – nothing special or particularly bad about the extrusions and glass package. I would put Okna at the top of the food chain in terms of quality products and service – and Gorell would be up there, maybe not quite as high. Of course, quality comes at a price. The Harveys at a good price with quality installation is a good combination that makes sense to me.

Dave – Professional Window Contractor in Milwaukee – from 2010

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Not A Fan Of Harvey

I thought that the windows seals had a 20 year warranty, but found out that it’s only 10 years. Found this out because we have failed seals on 10 of 14 windows and now we have fogging and condensation between the panes of glass. Not a fan of Harvey.

Denise – Homeowner in Massachusetts – from 2010

Harvey vs Simonton

I live in Massachusetts and know a ton of installers who are familiar with Harvey replacements and new construction brands. This is a nice plus because you can interview 3 or 4 installers and pick who you get the best vibe from and seems to have experience with your particular project requirements. Having said that, I didn’t use the company for my home, mainly because they didn’t have exactly what I needed and I opted for better quality, higher priced windows.

The Harvey Tribute is their top-of-the-line window, but I don’t love its somewhat bulky frame. The Classic has more glass exposure than the Tribute. I would put the Tribute on par with Simonton’s 5500 in terms of price and quality. I definitely like the look of Harvey vinyl windows over the Simonton, altough I believe the lead time is a lot longer with the Harvey. I would have a hard time choosing between these windows.

Jon – Window Installer – from 2009

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