Best Fiberglass Windows

Trying to find the best fiberglass windows for your home? We have listed five top rated windows that receive solid reviews from consumers. Of course, there are always differing opinions – so we have provided links to the replacement window reviews for each product so homeowners can judge independently on the pros and cons of all these so called best fiberglass replacement windows.

Marvin Integrity

This window is available in two profiles; the Wood Ultrex or the All Ultrex. The Wood Ultrex windows have fiberglass exteriors and wood interiors. The All Ultrex have the fiberglass on both the exterior and the interior. This window is availalble in the following styles; Awning, Casement, Bay, Bow, Double Hung, Slider, Round Top, Polygon, Sliding French Door, Inswing and Outswing French Door and Sliding Patio Door. The one knock on the Integrity is that it is very limited in sizes and options.

Best Fiberglass Windows | Marvin Infinity

This window looks great and the workmanship on these fiberglass windows is top-of-the-line. They look almost as good as wood, with the great strength of fiberglass, high energy efficiency and they are almost maintenance free. The See Infinity is only available in fiberglass, tends to be more expensive than the Integrity and is available in many options and colors.

Best Fiberglass Windows | Milgard Ultra

Available for both replacements and new construction. Frame is constructed from fiberglass but is intended to look as close to a wood window as possible. The See Ultra DH was pulled from the market to fix design flaws and was off the market for 3 years. There were issues with the compression jambs (water and air could pass through), paint finish, poor screens, etc. They fixed these problems and the window is fairly well regarded by some but not all industry insiders. Milgard offer a good warranty, but unfortunately their customers tend to need it more often than Marvin for instance.

Best Fiberglass Windows | Pella Impervia

The Pella Impervia can be easily customized and many people like the frame profile. Like many Pella products, it tends to carry a hefty price tag. It is available as a double hung and casement – consumers seem to like the casment over the double hung. The performance numbers on this window are not overly impressive given the high price.

Best Fiberglass Windows | Serious

The Serious window company out of Sunnyvale, Ca. manufactures a fiberglass frame that is available in 4 series; the 525, 725, 925 and 1125. This window is very energy efficient (claims an R-9 value) and stakes its claim as one of the most efficient windows on the market. The downside is that they are expensive and the have far less distributors than other national brands. They use a wood fir interior and by most accounts they make a very attractive window.

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