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Fibertec vs Inline

I could do with some advice on Inline and Fibertec windows. I am in the process of adding a sunroom addition and spent a lot of time going through the window quotes, my favorites are the Fibertec and Inline choices. So far the prices are basically the same between the two and I’ve found they are similar when it comes to their performance numbers. The quote I have is for the Fibertec 500 series, which I believe are high end windows. All seven double hung windows and the picture window I will be installing are triple paned. The numbers when it comes to AI seems to be different, I think Fibertec are actually better on this.

If I go with the Inline windows I will be purchasing from a retailer where the Fibertec will be direct from the manufacturer. My only question with this is whether I am better off buying from a local retailer or a manufacturer. Because the numbers and prices are so similar, I am absolutely torn on which to choose. I’ve read the reviews on both and noticed Fibertec have good and bad reviews, so I am really not sure which to go with.

Brady – Consumer – from 2012