Replacement Windows Cost

What do replacement windows cost? Scroll down to find window prices by frame type and style.

Double-Hung Window Costs

Double hungs are the most popular type of window on the market with an upper and lower sash that open by either lifting the lower sash up or the upper sash down. From a cost perspective, these are right in the middle of the road. Find out more on double hung pricing.

Windows: $200 to $650

Installation: $100 to $250

Total Cost: $300 to $900 fully installed


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Casement windows are hinged on one side and open outward to offer excellent ventilation and their slimmer frame profile maximizes natural light. When closed, they offer unimpeded views using the entire glass area. Discover more about the casements.

Windows Cost: $350 to $800

Installation: $100 to $250

Total Cost: $450 to $1050 fully installed

Single Hungs

Similar to double hungs, single hungs have a single bottom sash that opens by lifting up. Once considered cheap, todays single hungs are often well made and energy efficient. They run 10% to 15% less than double hungs. Explore single hung pricing.

Windows: $150 to $600

Installation: $100 to $250

Total Cost: $250 to $850 fully installed

Horizontal Sliders

Sliders or gliders are a very popular, horizontally wide style that are one of the least expensive frame type (rarely do you see a wood frame). They open horizontally – thus the nickname gliders. Probably the most affordable options. Read more about the cost of sliders.

Windows: $75 to $500

Installation: $75 to $250

Total Cost: $150 to $750 fully installed

Bay & Bows

Bays and bows are beautiful and complex and will run towards the very top of the cost spectrum. Often they involve 3 window frames, although bows can be 4, 5 or more windows mulled together. See additional bow window prices.

3 Windows: $600 to $2,400

Installation: $500 to $1,500

Total Price: $1,100 to $3,900 fully installed


Awnings are typically horizontal, rectangular windows that are hinged on the top so that the window can open outward from the bottom. When opened, they resemble awnings – thus, the origin of their name. See additional awning prices.

Entry To Mid Range: $350 to $550

Mid To High End: $550 to $1,050

Install Prices: $100 to $250 (each)


For homes built with dormers (or for homeowners looking to add a dormer onto their home), this addition can greatly enhance the attic space. These are basically installed on a dormer, the part of a home that is built out from the roof or side of a house to turn the attic into livable space. More on dormer window prices.

Entry To Mid Range: $150 to $350

Mid To High End: $350 to $1500

Install Prices: $175 to $800 (each)


Egress windows provide a way to get out of the basement in case of emergency. Current building code regulations to now include egress windows as part of your basement remodeling plans. Explore additional egress window costs. Entry Level: $1,175 – $1,350 installed

Standard: $1,350 – $1,550 installed

High End: $1,550 – $2,050 installed

Picture Or Fixed frames

Picture of fixed frames can also add to the energy efficiency as well. These can be some of the most eye-catching elements in your home since, by their very nature, they are window frames that let the beauty of the outdoors inside your home. More info on picture window prices.

Entry To Mid Range: $250 to $825

Mid To High End: $825 to $1650

Installation: $100 to $450 (each)

Storm Windows

Storm windows are essentially inserts that are place on the outside of the existing windows to add an additional protection barrier against heavy storm areas. They are often confused with impact or hurricane windows that are full replacement units that are both heavy duty and very expensive. Find details on storm window costs.

Entry To Mid Range: $100 to $200

Mid To High End: $200 to $450

Install Pricing: $25 to $75 (each)

Replacement Windows Cost By Frame


Aluminum windows offers many benefits to homeowners; strength, price and versatility being the main advantages. More on aluminum costs.

Product Pricing: $225 to $800

Installation: $40 to $250 (each)

Totals: $265 to $1050 fully installed


Fiberglass is a strong material that many manufacturers use to create relatively expensive, but solidly built models such as the Marvin Infinity window. More on fiberglass window prices.

Product Pricing: $200 to $750

Install: Costs: $40 to $250

Totals: $240 to $1000 fully installed


The overwhelming favorite for replacement options. Good quality vinyl actually has better performance numbers than almost any material out there (fiberglass enthusiasts would disagree) and it comes at a pretty reasonable price tag. Not the best looking option, but a well made vinyl window will last for your lifetime and look just fine in your home. More on vinyl window prices.

Product Pricing: $125 to $450

Installation: $40 to $250

Total Cost: $165 to $700 fully installed


Certainly the most beautiful and costly frame material available. It is nearly always clad, meaning the interior is wood and the exterior is a fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum. Even with the cladding, wood interior does require maintenance and care.

Product: $250 to $1200

Installation: $40 to $250

Mid To High End: $290 to $1450 fully installed