Lancet Windows

A lancet window is tall and narrow with a pointed end at the top. They acquired the name because the resemble a lance (a broad, heavy spear) and are most often found on Gothic churches. Their design is rare in residential homes, although they are the great ancestor to the more popular and much less severe arched windows of today.

“A lancet window was first used in Church architecture and occurred either as a stand alone, paired or in a grouping of 3, 5, or 7 with the largest lancet placed at the center.”

Basics Of A Lancet Window

These first appeared in the 13th century or early Gothic period. They were first used in Church architecture and occurred either as a stand alone, paired windows, in even number rows or in a grouping of 3, 5 or 7 with the largest lancet placed at the center. While the shape is nearly always consistent, there can be variations to the width. During there “heyday” they were usually not adorned with stained glass, although later versions and instances might have included this more decorative flourish. Today, a lancet window or grouping may still be included on a church as an architectural flourish.

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Cost Of A Lancet Window

Entry To Mid Grade: $150 to $350

Mid Grade To High End: $350 to $1000

Install Price: $175 to $800

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Advantages Of A Lancet Window

Unique Architecture

Certainly a lancet window is a unique archectural flourish that can add a real point of interest to a home. They are always going to be custom made and custom installed because no manufacture makes them stock and builders don’t use such severe cutouts for walls. However, for those inclined towards the Gothic or religious architecture, this window can be quite a unique focal point.

Just One Of Several Religious Windows

A lancet window is just one of several types and styles found on Churches. Clerestory windows is an architectural element of a home that is pronounced “clear story.” They are a series of window frames at the top of a story that can be visually stunning, adding a unique and beautiful element to a home. Rose windows are small round windows that typically use elaborate stained glass and are often a visual focal point for a church. Finally, a Cinquefoil consists of 5 arches set out in a circle to look like a five petaled flower. They use either clea or stained glass.

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