Great Lakes Windows

Great Lakes windows is owned by Ply Gem, which owns a number of window companies. GL receives pretty solid marks from contractors and installers who work with their products. They are viewed as a solid mid grade vinyl manufacturer that stands behind their work and offers a decent warranty (if sometimes overinflated pricing). As long as the price point and installation on your project is good, this is a decent option for homeowners looking to spend from $325 to $650 to install a double hung.

Basics Of Great Lakes Windows

Great Lakes windows began manufacturing in 1981 out of Toledo, Ohio and their original products included double hung, picture and sliding windows. Soon they added casements, bows and bays to their arsenal of products.

Over time, Great Lakes windows began to use pinch fusion welding on their frames to create a single frame piece that maintained good strength over many years. Like many manufacturers, Great Lakes Windows sells through authorized dealers. The majority of their business is in the Mid West Northeast and Southern United States. The company has over 700 window dealers and distributors throughout the United States.

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Great Lakes Windows Costs

The following Great Lakes window prices are for a normal size double hung with standard installation. Pricing will vary by project and installation needs.

Entry Level: $250 to $350 installed

Mid Range: $350 to $450 installed

High End: $450 to $650 installed

Great Lakes Windows Series


The UniFrame is the high end offering from Great Lakes and receives good marks from many contractors who work with this series. They use a fusion weld at the frame corners (as opposed to using screws, nails or staples). The frame is therefore a solid piece unit that is strong and energy efficient. The window comes with their “Guaranteed For Life” warranty. Available in double hungs, sliders, casements, bays, bows and garden windows. The window is sometimes sold at a much higher price than it is probably worth – make sure to compare pricing to insure a fair deal.

Reasonable Installed Price: $500


These custom Energy Star vinyl windows are the mid grade offering from GL and have slightly worse performance numbers than the Uniframe. They do offer a reinforced meeting rail and the better warranty that the low end Bayshore series does not. They are available in the following styles: double hungs, sliders, garden and patio doors, casements, awnings, bay and bow windows.

Reasonable Installed Price: $450


Lifestyles come with tons of options, including many selections for grids, glass and color selections. They also offer a 2 color extrusion process to match or blend the outside window with shutters and cladding and coordinate the interior colors. Design and performance wise, the Lifestyles are nearly identical to the Seabrooke. Not a bad option if you can get good installation somewhere near the following price point. Available in double-hungs, sliders, casements, garden bays, bows and awning windows.

Reasonable Installed Price: $425

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