Viwinco Windows Reviews

Our Viwinco windows reviews presents opinions within the community on prices & costs, as well as consumer success or frustrations they have felt dealing with this company and their product lines.

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Viwinco Windows Reviews

Viwinco specializes in vinyl windows; they are considered by many to be a low to mid level vinyl product. Most homeowners can expect to purchase and have them installed for $250 – $350 per window. Their window product lines include Edgemont, Strafford, Cambridge, OceanView and Complementary Styles.

Double Paned titles

I recently had my single panes replaced with double paned Viwinco tilts. I choose them because they looked to my untrained eyes sturdy and the price was right, I paid $200 each for double hungs that measure 34″W x 44″H. I read some forums that said that the installer was key to replacements so I felt comfortable using a window contractor with over 15 years of experience. Here’s the rub…my new windows are drafty and during the mornings and certainly the winters my house is cold and drafty.

That draft issue is the big problem, but the list is longer than that. If I lift up the bottom sash the top part falls down an inch of so and has to be shut manually. Our house has never been colder — the ironic thing is that we got these to make our house more energy efficient…

Claire – Homeowner – from 2008

Low Quality Vinyl Window

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Viwinco is a low quality vinyl window — not a mid grade window (I guess in my opinion but I think this is a fair opinion). If I were buying a rental property or flipping a home I might consider them. Otherwise, I would stay away from them. It isn’t like Viwinco is alone at the bottom; Xact and Silverline are poor quality in my eyes. Not to just bash windows companies so let me give you some vinyl window manufacturers that I think make a good product – Gorell, OKNA, Soft-Lite and Sunrise. These companies all make a good vinyl window that will hold up well with proper installation.

John – Columbus, Ohio from 2008



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Viwinco Windows Cost

Viwinco window prices range from $350 to $800 fully installed.

Viwinco Edgemont Costs: $350 installed

Viwinco Cambridge Costs: $450 installed

Viwinco Builder’s Choice Costs: $450 installed

Viwinco S Series Costs: $550 installed

Viwinco OceanView Costs: $800 installed

Viwinco Patio Door Costs: $1300 to $2500 installed

Top Line Viwinco Series

I have to disagree with your opinion of Viwinco being bottom of the barrel – to a degree at least 🙂 I think their top line vinyl window is a good mid grade vinyl and I would actually prefer it to Thermastar or a Silverline. I would agree with your assessment of the lower grade vinyl window lines; they are suitable for rentals or flips, not much else.

Susan – Topeka, Kansas from 2008