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Pella is a huge company that has a national marketing campaign that helps create brand awareness. Along with Andersen Windows and Marvin, Pella is one of the big national wood window producers. This means that there are lots of opinions, both good and bad, from installers and homeowners, which can be quite confusing for consumers considering a Pella purchase.

Pella wood and wood clad windows get lots of praise, particularly the Architect and Designer series (but do carry one of the highest per window cost of any wood replacement out there). Their ProLine wood window is a decent buy, although it’s more of a builder grade wood window.

Where Pella doesn’t measure up is in their vinyl window options. This isn’t surprising, most companies struggle to make more than one type of window really well. For instance, Pella Thermostar reviews are typically at the bottom of the list in terms of Consumer Reports replacement windows. However, the company has come out with the 250 and 350 vinyl window series, both of which are a significant improvement over the Thermastar.

If you do opt for Pella Windows, make sure your contractor or installer has a long standing working relationship with the company to insure prompt response should an issue arise. Consumers who are looking at Pella wood windows would do well to also get a bid from your local Marvin dealer (Kolbe windows are also a well made wood clad company.)

Pella vs Ply Gem

We’ve in the process of replacing some slider windows and I’m sitting with two estimates and no idea which to go for. The first is the PlyGem Lifestyles window and the second is the Pella. Both are similar in price and I was wondering if anyone has experience with these windows and can advise on which I should choose.

Allison – Homeowner – 2012

[Contractor Response]
There are so many great window companies out there that you can consider. If I were to choose between the PlyGem and Pella, I would definitely go with the PlyGem. The problem is the PlyGem is an expensive B grade window, at the same time I wouldn’t even consider the Pella windows. If you’re looking for vinyl why not see if you can get Sunrise, Softlite or HiMark in your area.

Bill – Contractor – 2012

[2nd Contractor Response]
I must say that if those are your only choices then you have to go with the PlyGem. Anderson makes good windows but doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to vinyl windows. I would recommend you get some more estimates before making a final decision.

Edgar – Contractor – 2012

[3rd Contractor Response]
If it’s either PlyGem or Pella, then I would recommend you look at the PlyGem MIRA series. I have installed a number of PlyGem windows over the years and haven’t had problems with this particular series. They offer good performance numbers and are solid. Don’t get me wrong I do install Pella windows from time to time, but can’t compare them to the PlyGem’s. I also suggest you try HiMark or Sunrise and see if they are available in your area before you make any decisions.

Rhys – Contractor – 2012

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Pella 350 vs. Window World 6000

The Pella 350 is a great improvement on the vinyl windows offered by Pella, but the downside is that these still have the pocket sill. If you are looking for a comparison window to the Pella 350, have a look at the Window World 6000, the Alside Sheffield, these are bulky in design but as close to the Pella as I can get.

Oscar – Contractor – 2012

Top Window Choice

Back in 2003 we had over twenty Semco windows installed. All of them have wood interior with an aluminum cladding outside and I can’t say we have been disappointed. We were so happy that we actually used Semco for our patio door, so that the doors would match our windows. We live in Sacramento and we have such hot summers, but our Semco products have never missed a beat. We had Lincoln windows in a previous home and had the glass replaced without cost, but we found the Semco prices more appealing for this property. They were cheaper than Pella and Andersens and came highly recommended. Unfortunately the installer that did the installation closed his business, but we still haven’t had any problems and are still able to get Semco windows if we need them. Overall a fantastic product.

Bret – Consumer – from 2012

Serious Windows or Pella

I am having quite an experience getting estimates for my replacement windows. We are replacing seven windows in total. Being in Detroit I have spoken to Wallside and Hansons, both of which are very popular in our local area. I must say I wasn’t impressed with either. The Wallside sales representative was rude and didn’t even leave a written estimate when I told him I was shopping around before making a decision, while the Hansons don’t have the best reviews.

Because of all this I am now considering Serious Windows and Pella windows. Problem is in my area no one really knows much about these windows. I have estimates from both with the Pella Encompass windows costing $4,350 and the Serious Windows 300 series coming in at $2,795. I have heard good reviews on the Pella’s, but not on the Serious Windows. Does anyone have any recommendations for me?

Shaun – Homeowner – 2011

[Contractor Response]
Pella’s Architect / Designer series are nice windows, but I wouldn’t recommend any of the other windows they offer. Don’t use their vinyl products. At the same time I wouldn’t recommend Serious Windows either, apparently they are in financial difficulty according to the news reports I’ve seen recently. Marvin, Soft-Lite and Andersen are my go to choices.

Steve – Contractor – 2011

Architect and Proline Series

When looking at the Architect and Proline series you’ll find similar ratings. I also noticed they use the same parts for both windows. I prefer the Architect / Designer series, I know that there have been problems when it comes to the Proline windows.

Henry – Contractor – 2011

Pella 350

I was wondering if anyone has any information or advice on the Pella 350 vinyl windows. I believe they are available in either a double or triple pane and they have good performance ratings including a U factor / SHGC of 0.19 and 0.24.

Victor – Homeowner – 2011

[Contractor Response]
I have never been a fan of the Pella windows, but I must say I have only heard good things about the new 350 windows. They look good quality and Pella have spent a lot of money perfecting these windows. I haven’t used these windows personally, so I can’t offer any experience feedback, but overall they look like quality vinyl windows.

Harold – Contractor – 2011

Consumer Reports And Pellas

I have had my share of problems with Pella over the years. Years ago, they dominated the higher end window market, but then they went and manufactured some amazingly low end windows and it has hurt their reputation. This started with Proline which Home Depot 86ed. Now its Thermastar through Lowes, which gets a 44 out of 100 from Consumer Reports. (I’m not endorsing Consumer Reports ratings but even they know a dud when they see it.) When Pella stopped caring for quality and reputation, so did homeowners and distributors. I still think they produce quality high end windows but anything else is a risky choice. I don’t recommend them to customers mainly because I feel comfortable with a handful of other brands.

Steve – Window installer – from 2008

Pella vs Survivor 7100

When it came to replacing the windows in our home, I did a lot of research. Eventually we went with the Reliabilt Survivor 7100 range and placed the order last week. Looking at consumer report comparisons, the Reliabilt 5600 series is considered one of the top vinyl windows. I also had a look at the Pella Thermastar, but they only had a 45 rating, where the Reliabilt had a 73.

Caroline – Consumer – 2008

[Installer Reply]
Personally I wouldn’t take what the consumer reports have to heart when it comes to replacement windows. In a majority of cases these reports are very untrue, misleading many customers. Basically what the consumer report does is test products which you can purchase from a store, but they don’t test the many other fantastic window options which you cannot buy from your store, which is why they aren’t really the best choice. You may have found a much nicer and stronger windows at around the same price.

Dan – Installer – 2008

Opinion On The Fiberglass Impervia

I did a bunch of research on the Impervia Line and this is what I came up with…

– Duracast seems very durable
– Available as a double-hung – Has a thin clean profile
– Can be custom sized to within a quarter inch (nice for replacement)
– Can be painted (rep said standard finish is better long term option)

– Not available as a triple pane
– The balances seemed cheap & squeaky (demo model)
– Metallic spacer was just mid-range
– Mid range U-value 0.33
– Priced a bit high given comparable performance numbers
– Paint finish seemed a little wavy or uneven on demo

Steve – Consumer – from 2006

Condensation Issues

We installed Pella windows in our home and now they they have tons of condensation on the inside — we contacted Pella and they said it is our fault. The windows actually get mold on the inside during the winter there is so much moisture — it’s insane. So we actually ran a test — this is how stubborn I am! I replaced one window with a different brand to see and we have had no issues whatsoever! I think the windows suck and the company simply won’t stand behind their work.

Bob – Consumer – from from 2007

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