Budget Windows

Find quality budget windows from well known and more obscure window manufacturers. We will recommend 5 window replacement options for homeowners on a budget (sub $400 per window installed).

Silverline 9500 Vinyl Window

The 9500 Series is Silverline’s top vinyl frame. While contractors generally discount most products from Silverline as cheaply made, the 9500 is an okay window for homeowners on a budget. There are some upgrades that homeowners should probably opt for to increase the performance of the 9500, including foam fills in the frame and an argon fill. The window provides acceptable numbers – .31 U-value, .14 Air Infiltration and 45 Design Pressure.

Installed Price: $375

Amsco Renaissance Composite Window

The Renaissance Series is Amsco’s composite frame (resin and wood fibers) that gets decent reviews from contractors. The numbers on this frame are not bad, but not exceptional. It is one of the least expensive composite windows on the market. Amsco makes a decent product, but offers very little in terms of customer service so homeowners must make sure that the distributor they purchase the windows from have a solid reputation and stand behind their work.

Installed Price: $400

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Milgard Styeline Vinyl Series

The Milgard Styeline window is a simple vinyl window with even sightlines, which means a bit more glass than the upgraded Tuscany Series. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of their Tuscany and will have slightly worse performance numbers (but not by much). It usually runs about 10% less than the Tuscany and is an okay option for those out west who want a decent white vinyl window but can’t afford the better vinyl manufacturers. Read Milgard windows reviews here.

Installed Price: $400

Simonton 5050 Series

The 5050, which is also referred to as the Prism Bronze as a decent option and is Simonton low end model. It has a fairly narrow profile, which means more glass but lower performance numbers. Most contractors use this as their builder grade window and some of their upgraded models are certainly better and nicer looking. Again, a decent option for homeowners on a budget.

The Prism Bronze and the Reflections 5050 are basically the same window, a good entry level model. A narrow profile allows for a larger glass viewing area. It isn’t a bad quality for the price, but most contractors would recommend upgrading to one of the better lines.

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Installed Price: $400

Vinylmax Easton Vinyl Series

The Vinylmax Easton is an upgrade of their entry level Hyde Park and offers the following numbers – U-value of .30 and an AI of .17 – not great, but passable numbers. The Easton has a few upgrades from the Hyde Park and is probably right on par with the other windows on this page. For a bit more, homeowners can upgrade to their R-5 glass, which can provide better performance numbers and sound control.

The performance numbers can be improved with an upgrade to the triple pane R-5 glass package. The sound blockage is much better, too.

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Installed Price: $400