Oval Windows

Oval windows are fantastic specialty windows that, when designed correctly, can be one of the most visually stunnning designs out there. They are not often used, about as rare as circle shapes and are most often seen in a composite or wood frame.

oval windows

“There is something very compelling about the look of this window – maybe it is the use of a single oval in the midst of many traditional square and rectangular styles.”

Basics Of Oval Windows

There is no secret to what these are — oval windows are produced in the shape of ovals, a circle that is not perfectly formed. Unlike many specialty types that are often either quite small or quite large in size (at least compared to standard single hungws), these are often standard sized. There are numerous companies that produce stock versions, but certainly custom sized options are more common due to the fact that they are so rare. They are avialable in wood, composite and vinyl frames. Learn more on the best vinyl replacements.

Oval Windows Prices

Price Range: $450 to $900 installed

The lower end of the price scale would account for stock sizes and lower grade materials such as vinyl and low end composites that will be simple inserts. The higher end of the price scale would involve custom sizes in a higher end composite or wood frame. Any custom work may involve high window installation cost to fit the existing opening.

Benefits Of Oval Windows

Interesting Design Appeal

There is something very compelling about the look of these – maybe it is the use of a single oval in the midst of many traditional square and rectangular window types. They are often used in the very center of a large home front or on turret shaped entryways because they frame the smaller, rounded wall so nicely.

Great Ventilation If They Open

Like hexagon windows, for instance, that open on a side hinge, operable styles can let in tons of great natural ventilation. The entire window opening is basically exposed, providing great breezes at the beach and mountains that can be wonderful during the hot summer months.


Expensive Installation

Custom installs can really add up if the opening has to be made bigger or smaller to accomodate the new window. While inserts are your best bet from a cost persepective, this is rarely going to be the case fro homeowners looking to add this unique design element to their home. Replacement contractors will usually be doing framing and carpentry work that can quickyl crank up the price tag.

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