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Read 2023 Silverline windows reviews from knowledgeable consumer, homeowner, and contractors on their  and industry insiders. We often get the question of who makes Silverline Windows? In 2023, Silverline is owned by Ply Gem, although they were previously owned by Andersen Windows And Doors. Silverline windows consist of two basic vinyl window series, the V1 Series and the V3 Series. They are typically solid in big stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

Are Silverline Windows Any Good? In general, Silverline vinyl windows are considered fairly low quality windows. They are probably best for rentals and house flips. I often caution homeowners about using these “big box stores” installation teams — these subcontractors are often paid per window, which incentivizes them to install as quickly as possible — not a great recipe for long term viability.

Steve – Site Editor

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“Siverlines are available at Home Depot and Lowes and many are sold to builders — builder grade windows are considered low-budget and though they can be bought and installed for around $300 they can also come back to cost a lot more if something goes wrong down the road.”

Silverline Windows Reviews

Just got a bid on the Silverline V3 model — I’ve heard of Silver Line — are they good? They were well priced and they are part of Andersen Windows, right? A buddy had told me back sometime back, but I wanted to get the 411 from someone who actually knows. LOL.

Bobby – Homeowner – from 2023

Site Editor’s Reply

Bobby, Silverline was once owned by the Andersen Corporation, but no longer. Silverline is considered a builder grade window, best saved for house flippers in my opinion. If you are buying from the big box stores, I’d stick to the best series from Reliabilt and/or Simonton. Those are going to offer the best long term bang for your buck.

Bill – Site Editor – from 2023

Silverline Windows Lawsuit

We replaced our windows back in 2012 with Silverline brand and some of them are going foggy inside. When I called the number, I got the run around and was not pleased. I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of a Silverline Windows lawsuit on these. They aren’t a good product.

Ann – Homeowner – from 2023

Site Editor’s Reply

Ann, I have not heard of a lawsuit per se. Back in 2014, there was a patent issue involving j channels with Home Depot and Silverline. However, it was product related and not a suit brought by consumers over the quality of the replacement window units themselves. Unfortunately, there are quite a few poorly made products out there and SL tends to be included in this list.

Bill – Site Editor – from 2023

Silverline Vinyl Windows Cost

We need to replace 7 double hungs and have 3 bids going. We’re only gonna stay in this home for 5 years. We’ve looked at MI, Silverline, Okna, and Sunrise — our bids are all over the board!

Marvin Infinity Price Quote: $10700

Silverline V3 Price Quote: $3595

Provia Endure Price Quote: $5595

David – Homeowner – from 2023

Site Editor’s Reply

I’m not a huge fan of Silverline, but for your timeline I think the V3 option makes the most sense. Your won’t see much of a return on investment with the other two options.

Bill – Site Editor – from 2023

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Silverline Windows Reviews #1

My wife and I bought 15 SilverLine Series S-200 DH windows the 8700, 8500, & 1300 all with argon fills and low-e glass. The sales pitch and material seemed to all indicate that we were buying great windows — there are now large streaks on the inside pane of three of the double hungs and significant streaking one the interior pane of our picture window. As well, one simply won’t open anymore. The streaking is most evident when the light hits the windows during certain parts of the day and initially we assumed that they were dirty and just needed to be cleaned. After this didn’t work, we finally realized that it was inside the panes of glass. All of this after having 3 sashes replaced due to shipping damage and then having them installed this way because the installer didn’t notice — it was obvious to us as soon as we saw them installed…I think some of this is on the installer but I feel like products are subpar as well.

Yasmin – Homeowner – from 2019

Silverline Window Complaint

Silverline is basically Andersen’s builder grade or even a step down from this, avoid them if possible. Since you are in Texas, you might want to look at Don Young windows, they have a good reputation and carry some affordable, quality brands. They can recommend good local contractors to install the windows, which is is 60% of the equation right there.

Instead, I would recommend (Simonton, Gorell, Sunrise and OKNA to name a few) and a knowledgeable installer and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

One other recommendation if you do go with Silverline I would make is to spring for the glass package upgrade on whatever model you do end up going with. It is usually less than $50 a window but can have significant impact on the performance ratings and overall effectiveness.

Andy – Window Installer – from 2008

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Target Silverline Pricing

V1 Series: $400 installed

v3 Series: $500 installed

9500 Series: $450 installed

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Opinion From One Installer

I hear alot of Silverline complaints but I disagree with most of them. I have sold tons of their 9500 Series and I will concede that they aren’t a flagship window. From 1992 to 1996, they had lots of issues – mostly due to glass strength. They moved to a double pane glass and constant force balancing system and that has helped a lot.

As a budget window, I think they are now much improved. I put them into a friend’s home a decade ago and he hasn’t had any issues to date. I like to think part of that was the installation 🙂 but that line turned into their 9500 Series. I will say that whenever I install them I use foam to shore up the frame — making them warmer and quieter. At $275 installed or thereabouts, it’s a decent window for a lower budget homeowner. They have an air test value of .14 and a U-value of .32 – not too bad in this price range.

John – Window Installer – from 2006

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Silverline Installer Review

I would say 30% of my business comes from replacing builder grade replacements and of those maybe 15-20% are Silverlines less than ten years old. I see poor frames, bad welds and failed seals a lot. Silverline probably sells 4 out of 5 of these windows to builders who slap them into tract homes and then tell the homeowners that it is an Andersen product (which most have heard of) that is an energy star window with argon fills and low-e glass and it’s a “win win” …until a few years later after the warranty has run out and the builder has too…

Steve – Contractor – from 2006

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