Marvin Infinity Windows Reviews 2022

Find Marvin Infinity windows reviews on this fiberglass window from consumers and industry experts. This window line is sold as a replacement window and billed as a high end option that looks like a wood window but offers superior strength and energy efficiency.

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“The Infinity Ultrex line began production in 2002 and is available in the following styles –  Awning, Casements, Double Hung, Sliders, Bay, Bows, Picture & Round Tops. It is also available as a Sliding Patio or French Door.”

Marvin Infinity Window Review

I was completely satisfied with our Infinity windows. They are (nearly) as beautiful as our outdated 1930s style wood double hungs. They look great and the workmanship on these fiberglass windows is top-of-the-line. I love the idea that they look almost as good as wood, with the great strength of fiberglass, high energy efficiency and they are almost maintenance free.

I went with the divided light grids for the interior and exterior and was very impressed with the price. The installation went very smoothly (Marvin did the install for us) and there wasn’t any damage or scratches to the interior woodwork (which was my big concern on the replacements). Jim – Homeowner – from 2010

Infinity Air Infiltration

As far as air infiltration goes, the Infinity has a very high tensile strength and rigidity and I would bet it’d outperform the Sunrise Restoration and the Alside Excalibur once installed. I have to check on this but I believe that it’s AI rating is worse in the lab than these two models, which goes to show how different AI can be from the testing to the real world environment.

Tony – Industry Insider – from 2010

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Marvin Costs & Pricing

Price Range: $350 to $1050 installed

Marvin is at the higher end of the price scale. Consumers will spend b/n $350 and $1050 installed. These costs include the windows, materials and installation. For more detailed information, see our page on Marvin windows prices and see their lower end fiberglass Integrity model.

Infinity vs. BF Rich

Vinyl windows are very popular here in Northern VA, where fiberglass windows is an overkill. But when looking at replacement windows I don’t think the BF Rich stands up to the competition, there are so many other good options out there including the Infinity from Marvin. Personally I feel the Infinity is a much better options especially if you want a natural looking window with stunning slim lines. As I recommend to all my customers, take the time to find out the performance numbers of any window before making a decision. The VT rating is an important one, this one determines how much light can flow through the window and in my opinion, the BF Rich window is way too dark. The Infinity’s have a thinner frame which allows for light flow even though the glass is darker than the BF Rich, but the BF Rich has a thicker frame. Any VT range for light flow should be higher than .44.

David – Installer – from 2010

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Marvin Infinity vs Milgard Ulta

I have installed both the Milgard Ultra and the Marvin Infinity – I would say this; the Casements are probably equal in quality but I’d go with the Infinity in the double hung. I think it’s a better window. Milgard pulled their double hung window (twice actually) in order to fix design flaws and was off the market for 3 years. There were issues with the compression jambs (water and air could pass through), paint finish, poor screens, etc. Milgard does offer a better warranty, but unfortunately their customers tend to need it more often.

Another problem on the Milgard is the quality of installers. Certainly not all, I just don’t feel that they have as high of standards when it comes to their distributors as does Marvin. I put a good amount of emphasis on installation (maybe I’m biased since this is my profession but I don’t think it’s a stretch…) so this is where lots of focus should be placed when considering any product.

Scott – Window Installer – 2009

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