Certainteed Windows Reviews

Our Certainteed windows reviews present user reviews on this company’s products and customer service. The big knock on Certainteed seems to be a huge variation in product quality based on where you live. Consumers need to make sure that the company they buy from (Certainteed uses independently owned manufacturers) has a SOLID track record for at least 3 -5 years. (Editor’s Note: the window division of CertainTeed was sold to MI Windows in 2009.)

Certainteed Windows Reviews

I have been a builder for over a decade and built countless homes over the years. When I decided to build my home (one that I had hoped to live in for many years), I did lots of research and obviously had some experience with companies. We decided to go with the Certainteed and I’m incredibly disappointed with how these windows have performed. They are incredibly drafty, it’s like they have been left open. I called and Certainteed sent someone out, the rep said the window was not defective and was built per their specs. Therefore it was not covered under their warranty – basically they said that the drafty windows were performing according to their standards — I was floored. Apparently Certainteed sold their manufacturing to another company so they don’t (can’t) stand behind the actual products. I would never use these windows again and would advice others building homes against using their windows.

James – Home Builder – from Ohio in 2010

Certainteed vs Pella & Simonton

We shopped around and looked at 3 windows from 3 companies. Pella from Lowes with a local contractor doing the installation. Simonton from Home Depot with a local contractor doing the install. CertainTeed with same installation details. The Simontons seemed like good windows, but there did seem to have quality differences and feature between the three brands. We ended up going with MI Xacts (which manufacture Certainteeds) – they are identical to Bryn MawrIII series.

The installation went great and was done by a local contractor who had lots of expereince with these exact windows. He was very precise and neat and didn’t cut any corners with the install. He trimmed and primed all the interiors and did all the caulking and touch-ups very well. These windows work perfect and look great. I paid $3600 for 9 windows in total. Steve – Homeowner – from New Jersey in 2010

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Certainteed Pricing Info

Low End Pricing: $300 to $400 installed

Mid Range Pricing: $400 to $500 installed

High End Pricing: $500 to $600 installed

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Certainteed Customer Complaint

We have lived in our home for just over four years and have had tons of issues with our Certainteed windows that started about two months after they were installed. You can actually feel cold air coming through the windows. In our bathroom the temperature is three degrees colder than other rooms in the house – I have documented the fact with a thermometer half a dozen times. We have a build up of frost on the inside glass. Our builder come back out to pull the molding, reflash all the windows and he even added foam insulation – the result? No difference! So we called the company and they sent out a rep whose conclusion was that our collective family body heat was the cause of the moisture. My own conclusion is that the windows are horrible (check out these contractor recommendations) and actually have two other neighbors who have issues with their Certainteeds and we are considering a class action lawsuit!

Matt – Homeowner – in 2011

CertainTeed vs. Alliance

Alliance windows was originally part of CertainTeed until a few years ago. Originally they were called North American Window Alliance and then separated to form CertainTeed and Alliance, two separate window companies. The sad truth is that CertainTeed quality has been reduced over the years, they are now made by MI Windows, but Alliance make a pretty decent
builder grade window, in my opinion.

I find that the CertainTeed Bryn Mawr, which is a well-known window is actually inferior to the Alliance Hawthorne window, in fact I would go as far as to say that the Hawthorne is on a par with the Simonton 5500. The Alliance Belmont is an excellent choice for mid range windows, while the Hawthorne is a decent vinyl option.

Neal – Installer – from 2011