Soundproof Windows Costs & Prices

Soundproof windows costs will vary from $450 to $1150 installed (although DIY inserts can go for as little as $100). There is a huge price range here because there are so many options for soundproof windows. Inserts that fit behind the existing frame are cheap, while purchasing name-brand soundproof windows with high STC ratings can run you as much as $900 for the window alone.

Soundproof Windows Costs (Window Only)

Removable Non Rated Inserts: $100 to $300
These will be stand alone inserts that fit behind the existing window. Many use a 1/4″ thick window pane that works with the existing pane to create space to dampen noise. This solution is cheap (installation can be done yourself), but obviosuly the existing window must be in OK shape to get the noise reduction homeowners want. The other downside is they don’t always look very nice and won’t necessarily match the existing frame color or style. However, it may be worth a try initially to see if it works (Lowes and Home Depot have very good return policies so it isn’t costly to try).

Mid Range: $400 to $600
Mid range pricing will range from $400 to $600 and will either be a top quality insert (wood frame, 1/2″ thick pane), which still goes behind the current window or a complete replacement window with a good, but not great STC window rating.

High End: $600 to $900
High end options are an actual replacement window such as Milgard’s Quietline that replaces the existing window. These should have an STC rating of 42 or higher. They can have thicker double panes or even triple pane glass.

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Soundproof Windows Cost

Installation: $50 to $250 per window

The cost of window installation is very standard with these projects. There is nothing tricky or intricate about installing soundproof windows. An exact replacement may be as little as $50, while a full frame replacement might run towards the $250 per window opening.

Total Project Pricing

Entry Level: $250 to $500
If you go to a local home improvement store, you can purchase the glass and laminate needed to soundproof and do it yourself – this is the least expensive option.

Mid Range: $500 to $750
This price range includes the product (either a high end insert or a well rated replacement) and installation.

High End: $750 to $1150
This pricing range includes the high end, highly rated replacement window and professional installation.

Pricing From Actual Customers

Certainteed Bryn Mawr II With Laminated Glass
7 Double Hung Vinyls With Grids + Half Moon Arch
Cost: 3450.00 ($495 each)
Product price only, does not include installation.
Location: N/A
Project price from 2009.

Climatizer Windows (inside mounted)
Dimensions: Standard
Price: $500 each
Included product and installation/configuration.
Location: San Antonio, Tx.
Project completed in 2009.

Milgard Quietline
14 Double Hungs
Dimensions: Range from 28″W x 38″H to 32″W x 54″H
Pricing: $1,150 average price each
Included product and install.
Location: N/A
Project completed in 2010.
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Milgard Double Hungs (triple laminated, STC rating 44)
Dimensions: 36″W x 60″H
Price: $800 each
Pricing includes product and installation.
Location: Chicago
Project from 2010.

Simonton Reflections 5500
Double Hungs, Laminated Glass On Exterior Of Glass, Low-e, Argon fills
Dimensions: 30″W x 57″H
Cost: $300 each
Does not include installation.
Location: N/A
Project price from 2008.

Simonton Triple Pane Single Hungs
7 Windows, Laminated Glass With Grids
Dimensions: N/A
Cost: 3329.00 ($475 average price)
Product price only, does not include installation.
Location: N/A
Project price from 2009.
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