Best Texas Replacement Windows

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Texas is a hot place, which means selecting the right replacement windows for your home requires a window that can stand up to the heat. Aluminum windows are a good option for hot climates like Texas because they are very strong and sturdy (although not very energy efficient). Well made vinyl windows are also an option, but homeowners should be wary of poorly made vinyl extrusions that can bow or even warp under intense heat.

Don Young Windows

Don Young Windows are out of Houston and they make a very solid aluminum window. Don Young also makes vinyl windows, although most contractors would say that their vinyl windows are just middle of the road. The only other concern when it comes to Don Young Windows is that they basically allow all contractors to sell their windows – which is either good or bad depending on your perspective. On the plus side, this increases the number of windows manufactured and sold, which keeps their pricing more competitive. On the down side, this takes away some of the quality controls that other companies can maintain by limiting the number of distributors that can sell their windows in a certain area. The bottom line when it comes to DYC is to make sure the installer knows the product, proper installation and is recommending a window that is the best for your situation and not their pocketbook.

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Sunrise is a highly reputed vinyl window manufacturer that should be available in Dallas and Houston – and perhaps the reps give bids in the surrounding areas. The standard Sunrise window is a decent choice and all models above this are going to be good to exceptional.

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NT Windows

NT windows are out of Dallas Ft. Worth and they make both aluminum and vinyl windows. NT tends to be one of the local manufacturers that is recommended on many of the window forum sites.


Simonton is a nationwide brand with a strong presence in Texas. Their lower end windows are just okay, but their mid range Reflections 5300 Series and 5500 Series vinyl windows are a good buy. The high end or premium options are well made, especially with a glass and sash reinforcement upgrade.

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Burris Windows

Burris Windows are out of Carrollton, Texas and produce 3 lines of vinyl windows, Tect View Ex, Tect View Ca and Tect View Pd. Their numbers look pretty average in terms of structural performance, thermal data, air infiltration and overal looks. (Their website is quite nice looking, but that’s a pretty poor reason to choose a company.)


Marvin makes an excellent fiberglass window in the Infinity that is a sturdy window that will handle the heat. Marvin is in most urban areas of Texas, although may not be available in some of the more rural areas. Their website has a search button that allows consumers to enter a zip code and find a dealer in their area.

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