Crestline Window Reviews

Crestline Windows reviews are a good way to evaluate this window manufacturer before committing to a purchase. It helps to have an idea of how satisfied prior customers have been.

Crestline Customer Complaint

I haven’t had good experiences with these windows. The last time I was called in to do some repairs Crestline told me they hadn’t had replacement hardware for that model for several years. That window was only nine years old, there should be parts fr it available still. I think that most of the people I’ve worked for who had these were unhappy, and I won’t install them anymore. There are plenty of other brands that are much better for less money.

Chris – Window Installer – Illinois

Warranty And fogging Issues

We used Crestlines on the house we built last year. Less than 6 months later they were fogging all the time and water leaked in all around the frame. They refused tohonor the warranty and kept changing the reason why. I wouldn’t ever use Crestlines again and I won’t let anyone else I know either. I’ve heard Sunrise windows are good.

Jeff – Consumer – Wisconsin

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Crestline Pricing Info

Low End Pricing: $250 to $325 installed

Mid Range Pricing: $325 to $400 installed

High End Pricing: $400 to $550 installed

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Customer Endorsement

We had Crestlines put into our old house, but we didn’t get the vinyl inserts. I was happy with them. The ones at our new house are vinyl windows and they’re garbage. The Crestlines never gave us any problems and we had them for 12 years. The windows in our new house have had all kinds of moisture inside and the people who make those keep saying that there’s supposed to be moisture and that’s how you know they’re working. I am sick of it and we will probably put in Crestlines in this house because I didn’t have trouble with them before.

Lawrence – Consumer – Maryland

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