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Good Replacement Windows on a Budget

My west facing windows and door are very old and are leaking. Over time they have lost any insulation and it’s time I start looking at replacement windows. I am on a limited budget, so bearing this in mind does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Randy – Consumer – from 2009

[Installer Response]
We bought thirty replacement windows about five years ago from an independent company. The windows were Krestmark and I believe they are manufactured in the Dallas area. The windows are great, we’ve never had a day’s problem. They are all double paned, low-e glass with the argon fill and have a good energy efficiency rating. Best of all they weren’t that expensive when comparing them to other brands like Champion and Andersen windows.

Jay – Consumer – from 2009

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Krestmark Window Prices

What do Krestmark windows cost?

Krestmark 220 Cost: $325 installed

Krestmark New Construction Cost: $400 installed

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Quality Vinyl Window Advice

We are in the process of replacing our windows. Now before I go any further, it’s important the windows I choose can manage a hurricane, as I live on the hurricane coast. Even though I do board the windows, they need to be able to withstand heavy winds. I did some shopping around and fell in love with Krestmark and Atrium, but then while doing homework on them found out they weren’t the best quality and that I was better going with Alside or PlyGem. My only request is they can manage hurricane windows, are vinyl and are made to last.

Patti – Consumer – from 2010

[Installer Response]
You should have a look at Capitol windows. I chose them some time back and am very happy with them. They were much better than the Vikings and they were reasonably priced. From what I understand they have a choice of series in vinyl for you to choose from. May be worth a look.

Len – Contractor – from 2010

[Installer Response]
I was forced to choose vinyl because I live so close to the sea and the salt air will destroy everything that it comes in contact with. Aluminum frames don’t survive here and everyone goes with vinyl, as they seem to withstand the salty air. Pella are a pretty good brand, they make a good composite window and quoted me in the region of $1,300 per window installed. I have seen a lot of adverts for vinyl windows in the $179 mark, but then once you’ve chosen your glass, you find the price increases. I’d recommend going with a name you know and can trust.

Harry – Contractor – from 2010

[Installer Response]
There are a range of good vinyl windows you can choose from. Have you looked at Pella, Marvin and Andersen? When I moved into my home I had builder grade windows and after getting some quotes I chose the Marvins. They are great windows, aesthetically pleasing and durable. They come with an aluminum extruded frame and require minimal maintenance. They are twelve years old now and look as good as the day they were installed. They are definitely worth looking at if you live on the coast.

Randy – Contractor – from 2010

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