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The Good And Bad On Champion

The Good: Champion makes a solid product, nothing fancy or technologically out of this world (double glazed, intercept spacers) but good. They provide a solid warranty and in general I tend to like manufacturer installation over a distributor who carries ten window lines and aren’t necessarily experts on all of them.

The Bad: The windows are expensive for what you get.

The Ugly: The salesmen do quite a lot of the pressure sales. If you buy today and put a sign in your front yard, I’ll knock $4,000 off my bid right now. They start off with a crazy price of like $1300 each window and then you have to “work them” down. Not the most pleasant way to do business.

Advice: Get your bid from Champion but if you live in Chicagoland, Ohio or Kentucky call Gilkey to also give you a bid. While I can’t use them for my project since I needed specific sized casements in a triple glaze that they can’t custom make….they seem to me at least like a small version of Simonton – albeit with a better window. I would also check out the Okna 400 Series, they make great windows.

Ken – Homeowner – Ohio from 2010

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Satisfied Customer

I had 5 windows replaced by Champion and really like them. Great features on them, the partial open locking and superior locking system. Their bid came in the highest of three but I liked the window and went with them and wasn’t disappointed. I don’t think it has really helped with utility bills but definitely has lowered the outside sounds when closed. The installers showed up on time, they did a bit of damage to the sill paint, but overall they did a good job.

Nikki – Homeowner – Idaho from 2009

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Champion Costs & Prices

Low End Pricing: $500 to $600 installed

Mid Range Pricing : $600 to $750 installed

High End Pricing : $750 to $900 installed

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Average Windows At Best

The replacements they put in were average at best. The window did not properly fit in the openings, which I pointed out but they said that this wasn’t an issue and they could seal up any gaps. The foam insulation they put in around the gaps was not very good and now I feel like the only thing between me and the outside is a window trim. I felt like the installation was a series of stop gap measures and this was from the company itself. But the window works fine, although I feel like I paid for a mid to high end window so that should sort of be a given IMO.

The window is ok. I was hoping to save on energy cost. This would be hard to do with any window that is too small for the frame. The foam job to close up the gaps was extreamly lacking and the only protection from weather was the exterier window trim. Someone here needs to just make some calls and say there is a problem, not invent cheap fixes to get through the job. Wake up america. Quit putting yourself out of work.

Ron – Homeowners – Cincinnati, Ohio from 2011

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