Best Florida Replacement Windows

Explore our recommendations for the best Florida replacement windows from top manufacturers and local companies. Florida is a hot and humid place that has lots of coastline and storms. For many homeowners who live in Florida, their windows have to to stand up to the harsh climate and conditions. Impact and hurricane windows are quite popular here, as well as standard vinyl windows that require little maintenance and can withstand the heat, salt air and sun.

Simonton 9800 Windows

The Impressions 9800 is a better looking window than the 5500 series and comes standard with some nice features. It can actually be upgraded to serve as a hurricane window (Simonton also sells the Storm Breaker Plus) and is often mentioned as one of the lower priced impact windows out there.

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PGT Winguard Series Windows

The WinGuard series is the official PGT hurricane window that are code compliant for most coastal regions. They can be ordered in either a vinyl or aluminum clad and are one of the most popular hurricane window options in Florida. The WinGuard series is a well designed and constructed window that is available in a number of different styles, including a horizontal slider, casement, double hung and fixed frame. The vinyl clad option is available in either the PremierVue or the 500 Series.

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Custom Window Systems

One company that doesn’t get the attention and publicity as the two manufacturers above is Custom Window Systems. They company gets good marks on their impact windows and they should be priced competitively with PGT and perhaps a bit higher than Simonton. Contractors like many of the features that the windows include, although the company does not make their impact windows in a double hung. The reason they use a single hung instead of a double hung is to make sure that the windows will be hurricane code compliant.

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