Ranch Windows

The 1950s brought ranch windows and other new architectural features to the landscape. As the suburbs spread and grew, home designs evolved. Low and sprawling, the ranch style home with its low sloped roofs was designed for the large open lots in the post-war neighborhoods of that era.

“This style highlights the long, low silhouette and provide those inside the home with plenty of natural light.”

Basics Of Ranch Windows

Ranch style homes may have a variety of window styles. Some are more successful with the building style than others. Many window styles that are often used don’t really fit Ranch homes. Multi-pane shuttered designs, most often seen on Colonial style homes, are sometimes used on Ranches. Large picture windows, also common, often don’t fit the visual style of the home. Ranch homes look best with horizontal arrangements of multiple window frames or a small privacy-oriented series placed high on the wall that allows light to enter while ensuring privacy.

Characteristics of Ranch Windows

The Ranch style home has a long, low profile. Horizontally oriented frames work well visually and let in plenty of natural light. Vertical window frames are sometimes grouped together to create a horizontal row. This creates the same affect as a short, wide window but does well when there are several smaller rooms involved. Today, these homes frequently use the wide horizontal gliders as a modern complement to its design style.


The Ranch home particularly lends itself to asymmetrical features. Various groupings can be separated by small clerestory windows, which provide both light and privacy. Trim and other characteristics can draw attention towards or away from a window or solid wall.


Trim and window sash colors are important in this style. They help to unify groupings and differentiates separate areas. Sidelights are occasionally used to accent the entry door.

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