Andersen Double Hung Window Prices

Andersen double hung window prices encompass a huge range based on the product line, size and materials. The large number of choices from Andersen gives consumers many options and always good quality. Of course, their double hungs are at the high end of the price spectrum. These following costs are as of 2011 and may not reflect changes that the manufacturer has made to the cost of their product lines. Check out all of our Andersen window reviews here.

Andersen Window Prices

The 400 Series is a higher priced line of home windows that offers consumers a range of styles and sizes. Most 400 Series windows use Low-e, high performance glass, as well as high quality materials and accessories. The 200 Series is a more affordable product line that emphasizes popular window options and sizes. The 200 Series is still a high quality product, but utilizes dual pane glass and more affordable parts and accessories. Andersen’s Architectural Series are their highest priced window and typically involve all custom made shapes, sizes and options.

Andersen Double Hung Pricing

All of the Andersen double hung window prices below are per window and do not include the cost for installation. The list begins at the most affordable and goes up from there. Note: The pricing below are not necessarily the prices that you will find for these window product lines. Use the window cost list as a general guideline only.

Double-Hung Vinyl Window (American Craftsman, a subsidiary)
Pricing: $138
Size: 36″ X 46″

200 Series Wood Transoms (Tilt Wash)
Pricing: $159
Size: N/A
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200 Series Wood Transoms For Double Hungs (Narroline Line)
Cost: $214
Size: N/A

200 Series Wood Narroline® Product Line
Cost: $271
Size: 58″ X 38″

Double Hung Vinyl Windows
Price: $275
Size: 48″ X 48″
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400 Series Wood Transom (for Double hung Tilt Wash)
Price: $298
Size: 48″ X 12″

200 Series Wood Picture Window for Double Hungs (Tilt Wash)
Pricing: $299
Size: 36″ X 24″

400 Series Wood Transom (Woodwright Style)
Cost: $365
Size: 36″ X 16″

400 Series Wood Double-Hungs (Tilt Wash)
Price: $395
Size: 56″ X 38″
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400 Series Wood Double Hung Inserts (Tilt Wash)
Cost: $494
Size: 56″ X 36″

400 Series Wood Picture Windows (Double hung Tilt Wash )
Pricing: $536
Size: N/A

400 Series Wood Replacement Inserts (Woodwright Line)
Cost: $588
Size: 56″ X 36″

400 Series Wood Picture Window (Double Hung Woodwright Line)
Price: $656

High End Andersen Double Hung Prices

Cedar Wood Double Hungs
Pricing: $850
Size: 38″ X 24″

200 Series Wood Double-Hung 30° Bay/Bow
Cost: $1,695
Size: 106″ X 58″

400 Series Wood Bays (Picture Windows)
Pricing: $1,967
Size: 102″ X 58″

400 Series Wood Double Hung 30° Bay/Bow
Price: $2,223
Size: 110″ X 58″

400 Series Wood Double Hung Bay Windows
Cost: $2,362
Size: 104″ X 58″

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