Loewen Windows Prices & Costs 2024

Loewen windows prices are at the high end of the scale, from $1000 to $1800 per window installed. Find window prices on many of their most popular series and lines from past customers. Find additional information and opinions from contractors and homeowners on this company using our Loewen windows reviews.

Standard Window Pricing

Loewen is known mainly for their high quality wood windows. They are considered one of the top manufacturers of high end wood frame windows in the indsutry. Their products are not inexpensive though. Expect to spend on average $1000 per opening for a double hung window with standard installation. Compare to the Ultimate from Marvin – explore more on Marvin window pricing.

Industry Stardard Pricing: $1000 installed

StormForce Collection

The Loewen StormForce Window Collection is their hurricane or impact window line that integrates structural upgrades to the design to handle heavy storms. These wood clad windows also incorporate all of the beauty of their traditional line on the interior. Expect to spend on average $1400 per opening for a double hung with standard installation for their StormForce Collection. Compare to the A Series from Andersen – explore more Andersen window costs.

Industry Stardard Pricing: $1400 installed

Cyprium Collection

The Loewen Cyprium Window Collection is their elite wood clad window that uses a bronze or copper exterior cladding that will take on a certain patina over time as the metal mixes with the outside elements. This is one of the high end windows on the market, comparable in price to the Architectural Series by Andersen.

Industry Stardard Pricing: $1800 installed

Loewen Windows Prices From Past Customers

Standard Series
2 Double Hungs
Dimensions: 28″W X 48″H
Price: $1,525 total
Included product and installation
Location: Near the coast (east)
Project bid from 2011.

Renovation Pak
8 Aluminum Clad Exterior, Wood Interior (grids, w/heat plus)
Dimensions: 36″W x 60″H
Price: $520 each
Location: Portland, OR
Price bid is from 2006.

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