Eagle Windows Reviews 2022

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Eagle Windows Reviews

I’ve spent almost twenty years selling windows and doors. I’ve never seen Eagle windows problems. The only time I’ve ever seen anything go wrong was when the installer made a mistake. Sometimes, they’ll try to blame it on the window but I can usually tell. When windows have a problem and there’s a leak somewhere or it’s drafty, it was usually the installation. Installers like to take shortcuts, and that can make the window look bad. Eagle, though, always has good windows. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with a problem.

James – Distributor – Michigan

Eagle Window Complaint

I had some Eagles put in and they leaked everywhere. With the screens in the sill wasn’t draining and the water came in through the frame. After a hard rain there was water pooled on the floor. I tested without the screen and it still leaked, but then I saw that another window, a Simonton, was leaking also. I ended up resealing all around the windows. If I ever get new ones again I’ll install sill drip pans. At first I thought it was the windows, but it might have been the installation. Either way I was unhappy.

Alex – Consumer – Illinois

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Eagle Costs & Prices

Entry Level Pricing: $550 to $650 Installed

Mid Range Pricing:$650 to $750 Installed

High End Pricing: $750 to $900 Installed

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Eagle Window Complaint

We had terrible problems with ours. We used them on a new addition that we had put on our house a few years ago. At first we were happy, but then we had a few driving rains. At first we just noticed some wet carpet, but then we found some water damage even inside the walls. Our general contractor came out and said that there must be something wrong with the windows. We managed to get someone from Eagle to come look and they insisted that it was an installation problem. They said that re-caulking and replacing the weather stripping would fix the leaks. I have been very upset, all of them were leaking! Eagle had someone come and fix them and we didn’t have any more problems, but I am still unhappy. I could understand if one window was bad but this was all of them! I thinks that these just aren’t designed to handle driving rain. The windows shouldn’t be so badly sealed that it takes an expert from the company to caulk it right.

Jerry – Consumer – Wisconsin