Great Lakes Window Prices & Costs 2022

Great Lakes windows prices are somewhat expensive for their overall quality – from $350 for their vinyl Bayshore series installed to $600 for an EcoSmart double hung window installed. Great Lakes is owned by PlyGem, although they are still sold under their own name and brand.

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Bayshore Series

This is the entry level window and is considered a stripped down version of their higher grade windows. The performance numbers are a SHGC of 0.48 and a U-factor of 0.47. The warranty is not as good as their other series, especially when it comes to the transferability of the warranty. If you’re looking for a long term investment, you should rather consider the Seabrook series which has good features, better performance numbers and they aren’t that much more expensive. This series is similar in cost and performance to the Soft-Lite Barrington.

Target Price – $350 installed

Seabrooke Series

These are the Great Lakes middle grade windows and they offer some good features and upgrades. One of the favored upgrades is the meeting rail reinforcement which makes a sturdier frame. These windows are available as double hung, garden, bay, casement and as a horizontal slider. The Seabrooke series is often compared to the Simonton 5500 series and they offer performance numbers of 0.44 for SHGC and 0.45 for U-Factor.

Target Price – $400 installed

Lifestyles Series

There isn’t much difference between the Lifestyles and Seabrooke series. These windows have a horizontal slider with performance numbers of 0.45 for SHGC and 0.45 for U-factor. A good comparison would be a Gorell 5050 or 5100 Series.

Target Price – $450 installed

UniFrame Series

This series is considered quite respectable when it comes to design and construction. They use fusion welds to create the uniframe and the EuroSlider which falls into the UniFrame series is versatile as a slider window option. Performance numbers are a SHGC of 0.39 and a U-factor of 0.42. Homeowners must pay careful attention to any quotes you receive for this series as they are often sold at an “A” quality price. For additional pricing using our cost estimator, simply click.

Target Price – $500 installed

EcoSmart Series

These are composite windows and fall into the Great Lakes energy efficiency line and considered the higher end window choice. These windows have a nonmetallic space, one piece sloped sill, aluminum hardware, weather stripping and quality seals. They do offer impressive performance numbers which you would expect from an energy efficient window range with an AI of 0.06 and a U-Factor of 0.26. The EcoSmart is not quite on par with the Okna Starmark composite, it might be the closest comparable window out there.

Target Price – $600 installed

Pricing From Past Customers

26 Premier Double Hung Windows
Dimensions: N/A
Prices: $23,000 total
Included windows, installation and all prep work.
Location: South Kansas
Project bid year: 2009.

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Installation Requirements
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Zip Code

Gold Window Series
9 Horizontal Slider Windows
Dimensions: Standard
Pricing: $5250 each
Installation from local contractor.
Location: Buffalo, NY
Price quote received in 2009.

27 Casement Windows
Vinyl Frame, with Triple Pane & Krypton Fills
Dimensions: N/A
Prices: $12,000 total
Included professional installation.
Location: Minnesota
Project Completed in 2009.

13 DHs and 1 Bay Window
Dimensions: N/A
Costs: $11,000 total
Included removal of windows and professiaonl installation.
Location: Orange County, NY
Bid price from 2008.

Uniform Window Series
7 Casement Windows, Triple Paned
Cost: $8,000 total
Included installation.
Location: N/A
Bid price from 2005.