Round Top Windows

Round top windows can add real distinction and flair to a home. These specialty windows can also add unique architectural focal points, helping to elevate the overall look and value of the home. Although there are stock round top windows, many will be custom made and require custom window installation, which can mean a higher overall price tag.

round top window

“Round top windows are often used above doors or along with other windows to add architectural or aesthetic value to a home. They can be pricey, but for homeowners looking to add some flourish to their homes this can be the perfect accent.”

Basics Of Round Top Windows

Round top windows are just like the name sounds, they have a rounded arch to the top section of the window frame. Think of round top windows as having a flat bottom with a rainbow placed on top. This differs from traditional frames that are simply rectangular in shape and have no curve to them. Round tops are actually one style of arched windows. They are available in a huge variety of sizes, materials and are produced by many top of the line manufacturers. They can be purchased in stock sizes or they can be custom made to fit a homeowner or designer’s artistic ideas.

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Round Top Window Prices

Price Range: $400 to $1800 installed

There will be huge variety in prices based both on the window itself – stock sizes and shapes could be $200, while large custom made units might be $800 or more. The other big factor is window installation pricing, ranging from $150 to inserts to $1000 for custom openings.

Many Shapes

There are many names and shapes that go under the heading of round top windows. These include: circlehead, quarter round, half round, full round, elliptical, inverted corner, ovals and eyebrows. Different manufacturers will label them unique names to catch the attention of buyers so make sure to see the exact shape is before you buy.

Advantages Of Round Top Windows

Add Visual Effect

The biggest advantage to round top windows is its impressive visual effect. They can either be standalone windows or can be combined with doors or other windows to really create a focal point. Many designers and homeowners dress them up on the inside with eye catching window treatments.

Let In Light

Because they are typically above doors or other windows, they can add great light to a room. Obviously the amount of light they add will depend on the size of the frame. The window treatments are nice features because then homeowners can reduce the light depending on their particular needs of the day.


Price Tag

The biggest disadvantage is the price tag. This is especially true if the opening has the be enlarged or reduced to fit the custom window. This involves carpentry and framing skills that require competent replacement window companies to size and place the window correctly.

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