Atrium Window Prices & Costs 2022

Find Atrium window prices and explore the Atrium window price list and costs. Atrium is a mid grade window company that focuses on vinyl doors and windows. They produce multiple product lines for both replacement and new construction windows. Most of their products are sold through distributors or local companies that carry their brands. They also make the Reliabilt, which sells through retail stores or chains such as Lowes and Home Depot. The Reliabilt 3500 is nearly identical to the Atrium 8700.

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Atrium Window Prices

The following prices are from 2012 and are for the windows only – they DO NOT include installation (or shipping). They also do not include any upgrades such as the glass options, grids and hardware options.

Pre-Primed Double Hung
Cost: $270

Twin Double Hung (Two DHs Mulled Together)
Prices: $570

Twin Double Hung With Transom Window
Costs: $775

Large Picture Window With 2 Double Hungs Mulled On Side
Price: $840

Pre-Primed Casement
Pricing: $320

Twin Casement (Two Casements Mulled Together)
Price: $755

Twin Casement With Transom Window
Price: $915

Large Picture Window With 2 Casements Mulled On Side
Price: $1040

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Atrium Window Costs

Here is a range for a standard sized double hung window including the cost of installation from Atrium.

Entry Range: $300 – $500 installed

Mid Range: $500 – $700 installed

Premium Range: $700 – 900 installed

Atrium Window Prices From Past Customers

Atrium 2000 Series
14 Windows
Dimensions: N/A
Price: $10,400 ($742 each)
Location: Los Angeles
Price included installation.
Project completed in 2010.

Reliabilt 3500 Series
5 Double Hungs, 1 Slider, 1 Patio Door
Dimensions: Standard
Price: $4400
Includes installation.
Location: New Jersey
Bid from 2010.

3 Double-Hungs, 2 Sliders, 2 Sliding Doors (6′ and 8′)
Cost: $9,070
Location: Northern California
Price included professional installation from Atrium dealer.
Project completed in 2008.

Advantage 200 Series
10 Sliders, 2 Patio Doors (8′ and 10′)
Dimensions: Standard sizes
Atrium Window Prices: $9,570
Included professional installation.
Location: N/A
Bid from 2009.

6 Double Hungs, 1 Slider, 1 Picture
Dimensions: N/A
Price: $7,500 ($937 average price)
Included installation cost.
Location: N/A
Bid from 2008.

2 Sliders, 3 Double Hungs, 2 Sliding Doors (6′ and 8′)
Dimensions: Varied
Cost: $9,100
Included professional installation.
Location: Northern California
Bid from 2008.

10 Horizontal Sliders
Dimensions: 7 (34″W x 41″H), 3 (46″W x 74″H)
Cost: $2,200
Location: N/A
Price did not include installation.
Windows purchased in 2008.

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