Dormer Windows Costs & Prices

What do dormer windows cost? Certainly they are going to vary tremendously based whether you are simply replacing the window or adding the entire dormer to your home (considered new construction). Replacement window costs are going to be roughly the same as other window types, although the location can make the installation portion more difficult and therefore more expensive.

“These projects can vary tremendously in terms of price. If the entire dormer is added to the house, the cost for the window portion will be significantly higher than a simple replacement insert.”

Dormer Windows Cost (Window Only)

Entry Level Dormer Windows Cost – $150 – $250
Entry level dormer windows will typically be fixed and non movable windows with a vinyl frame. Fixed frame means they are inoperable and cannot be opened, i.e. they provide no means of exit in case of a fire. The window glass will typically be standard and won’t include energy efficient upgrades. Entry level windows also mean standard sizes and nothing custom.

Standard Pricing – $250 – $400
Standard dormers might be a high end vinyl or lower end wood, composite or fiberglass frame. The glass package may have a standard upgrade to low-e efficiency or argon fills. They will probably be a movable window type such as a single hungs, double hungs, casements or awnings, which allows for an exit or fire exit. The window might be larger in size and may or may not be custom made.

High End Dormer Window Prices – $400 – $1500
High end dormer windows will ususally be a wood windows, possible with an aluminum cladding on the outside to protect the frame over time. Often, they will be large units and/or multiple openings mulled together that are custom made. Expect high end glass to have high energy efficiency features and high insulating qualities (if you live in colder climates) or low insulating qualities (if you live in warmer climates).

Window Brand Quality
Installation Requirements
How Many Windows?
Zip Code

Dormer Window Installation

Price Range: $125 to $800

Expect a range of $125 to $800 for dormer window installation cost. A local contractor might charge $125 to replace a simple insert. The cost of installation can go up very quickly from here, especially for custom work and/or new construction which involves framing, sealing, materials and finish work. Find out more on window installation cost.

Totals For Dormer Windows Prices

Total Entry Level Pricing: $275 to $600
This includes product and professional install.

Total Standard Pricing: $600 to $1400
This includes product and contractor install.

Total High End Pricing: $1400 to $2300
This includes product and professional install.

Dormer Windows Prices

Hello Bill, I am currently looking to replace 14 windows – 3 of them are dormers in the attic that never get opened and are essentially (currently) two windows a half circle and double hung below. I think the double hungs need to be replaced but technically speaking the half round wood clads seem to be in good shape. I am struggling with whether or not to replace those half rounds given the increased cost but I am concerned about the esthetics of only replacing the double hung part of that and how it would match/look. I have 3 final quotes from local companies in my area.

One last thing it is hard to tell because what they show you are small with really big frames but I feel like the frames are a bit large on these especially the beveled edge part on the exterior. If you have suggestions for which of these or potentially other manufacturers would be slimmer that would be much appreciated as well. Sorry this was a bit lengthy but thanks in advance for any advice.

Apex Energy Quote interior home and attic dormer windows quoted separately- – “As is” = 11 double hungs
$12,400 + tax (we would likely go with configurations he suggested below to cut down on them by making side by side ones into sliders)

“Configurations I suggested” = 6 double hung, 2 sliders, 1 casement $10,769 + tax

The attic currently has 6 windows. If we were to replace all 6 as 3 non operable specialty shape circle top w/ext legs —— It would add = +$5,792 to the subtotal.

If we were to replace just the double hungs as pictures, and wrap the pre existing circle to match it would add – +$4,153 to the subtotal.

for the configurations + the attic option 2 (wrapping pre-existing specialty shapes rather than replacing them) the total for the project would be —- $14,922 + tax.

If you were willing to let us put our sign in your yard for 90 days, take before/after photos, and document energy savings down the road as well as put a testimonial on NEXTDOOR…we would be able to take care of the project for you guys for $13,500 + tax. That comes to a total after tax of $14,478.(without half rounds)

My Guys Quote
14 Replacements (not including the half circles in the attic) only the double hung below them Potomac HP total $13,525 (including tax) 5 have grids and one window sash is tempered. Vytex Windows Reviews
14 Replacements plus the 3 half rounds in the attic (i just took an average and added what they told me these would cost as they were not itemized in my quote) $16,323 (including tax)

Eco View
The local salesperson tells me that what I would be getting are essentially the Simonton 5500 but the NFRC label on the window he had as a sample with him was for the 5050 Series so that concerns me as they label it their EcoView 7000 so it is hard for me to validate that and know what I am actually buying. Simonton Windows Reviews

Average Double Hung Size

Frame Height- 73.25
Frame Height – 36.25

Below is the size of the Dormer Window in attic 3 of these including the half round (this quote is basically with one picture in each with the half round part so an extended half round)
Overall Frame Width – 27.5
Overall Frame Height – 50
Overall Frame Radius – 13.75
Overall Frame Short Side – 36.25
Frame Width- 27.5

For reference cost of these was $1,271.50 Each

14 Wndws including any wood rot etc included in total : $13,044 (this includes a few additional discounts that Sales rep gave us and same amount of grids and also 7 tempered sashes) Eco View in this area has good reviews but has only 1.5 or so years for this Franchise and the Apex I believe has 2.5 years Apex Windows Reviews

Thanks in advance for your help!

Marvin – Homeowner – from 2023

[Site Editor’s Answer]

Marvin, it seems like pound for pound all of the bids are within a thousand or so of one another (lots of little tweaks based on how you handle the attic half circles). The best of the bunch is the Potomac HP. So….it sounds like the price on that one is as fair or similar to the others so that’s the winner in my opinion. Now you just have to make sure that the people doing the work are good. I would google them and aggregate their reviews and ratings from the various sites like google, angi, yelp etc. That will provide a decent picture of the quality you can expect.

The Potomac HP is a very good series and should serve you well for decades to come! (assuming good installation)

Bill – Site Editor – from 2023

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