Dormer Windows Costs & Prices

What do dormer windows cost? Certainly they are going to vary tremendously based whether you are simply replacing the window or adding the entire dormer to your home (considered new construction). Replacement window costs are going to be roughly the same as other window types, although the location can make the installation portion more difficult and therefore more expensive.

“These projects can vary tremendously in terms of price. If the entire dormer is added to the house, the cost for the window portion will be significantly higher than a simple replacement insert.”

Dormer Windows Cost (Window Only)

Entry Level Dormer Windows Cost – $150 -$250
Entry level dormer windows will typically be fixed and non movable windows with a vinyl frame. Fixed frame means they are inoperable and cannot be opened, i.e. they provide no means of exit in case of a fire. The window glass will typically be standard and won’t include energy efficient upgrades. Entry level windows also mean standard sizes and nothing custom.

Standard Dormer Window Costs – $250 – $400
Standard dormers might be a high end vinyl or lower end wood, composite or fiberglass frame. The glass package may have a standard upgrade to low-e efficiency or argon fills. They will probably be a movable window type such as a single hungs, double hung windows, casements or awnings, which allows for an exit or fire exit. The window might be larger in size and may or may not be custom made.

High End Dormer Window Prices – $400 – $1500
High end dormer windows will ususally be a wood windows, possible with an aluminum cladding on the outside to protect the frame over time. Often, they will be large windows and/or multiple windows mulled together that are custom made. Expect high end glass to have high energy efficiency features and high insulating qualities (if you live in colder climates) or low insulating qualities (if you live in warmer climates).

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Dormer Window Installation

Price Range: $125 to $800

Expect a range of $125 to $800 for dormer window installation cost. A local contractor might charge $125 to replace a simple insert. The cost of installation can go up very quickly from here, especially for custom work and/or new construction which involves framing, sealing, materials and finish work. Find out more on window installation cost.

Totals For Dormer Windows Prices

Total Entry Level Pricing: $275 to $600
This includes product and professional install.

Total Standard Pricing: $600 to $1400
This includes product and contractor install.

Total High End Pricing: $1400 to $2300
This includes product and professional install.

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