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Atrium Windows & Ellison

I am busy adding a room to my property and will be using a contractor to do all the doors, windows and framing. The contractor has advised using Ellison windows, but I cannot find much information online, in fact I haven’t heard of them before. Can anyone offer me any insight into these windows? Advice is appreciated.

Bradley – Consumer – from 2012

[Installer Response]
I have had some experience with Ellison windows, though not much. I found them to be simple vinyl windows that were very box shaped compared to many of the other brands available. I believe they are considered a builder grade window. My suggestion would be to find a known brand that are known for their quality – try Milgard or Simonton windows.

Steve – Installer -from 2012

Atrium Windows Are Mid Grade Vinyl

For my money, Atrium makes a decent mid-grade vinyl window that usually includes low-e/argon fills. (Most buyers think this means a great glass package, but the fact is this is a pretty outdated technology). You should be able to get Atrium Advantages in a standard size installed for around $400. Of course, any product, low end, mid grade or the expensive lines can be completely ruined with bad installation. Make sure the contractor who installs it knows what they are doing.

Steve – Window Installer from Austin, Tx. – 2011

Atrium & Lowes Installation Issue

We bought 10 Atrium windows and had problems in less than a month after they were installed. We got them at Lowe’s and the installation cost seemed very high to us. I had to call Lowes multiple times before even finding anyone to explain the issue. The salespeople didn’t care and gave me the run around. Finally, Atrium sent someone out and of course they said it’s all installation related. Then Lowes sends someone out who says our house simply has too much humidity. There is mold around my windows (not to mention tons of condensation) – when the wind is blowing I can see the blinds moving! I’m pretty sure that humidity does not cause blinds to move when the windows are “shut”. It has been over four months and nothing has been done and it’s just a blame game that leaves us in the wind…literally. I wouldn’t recommend Lowes or Atrium to anyone!

Emily B – Homeowner – from 2011

How They Compare To Other Brands

Atrium builds and sells several grades of windows: builder grade (a cheap product), mid grade (often sold though large home improvement stores), and premium. Their premium windows are excellent, either the 890 Series for patio doors or the 2000 Series for windows. The majority of the complaints I see on the forums etc. are on their 200 Series, which are not the best made product. I’ve been selling their premium line for four years and am very impressed with the quality of the product and their customer service. I sell 10 other windows including Andersen, Marvin, Milgard and Kolbe – for my money the Atrium premium offers the best value for vinyl. As to their mid and low end products, I’ll just keep quiet. My advise to homeowners is to avoid builder grade products and avoid the large home improvement stores. Invest in a good vinyl window and make sure the installation company has a solid track record and you shouldn’t have problems.

Barry – Window Seller in the State Of Washington – from 2010

Atrium vs. Simontons

I currently work as an installer and do lots of Atrium windows so I’m probably biased, but I have had solid results. I would put them on the same level as Simonton windows. Atrium makes their own vinyl and produce the glass so they have lots of control over the final product. I’ve been impressed with customer service and on-time delivery. As far as drawbacks go, I would say that they don’t offer options like triple glaing or superspacers — basically they used tried and true technology that isn’t exactly top-of-the-line. However, they make a good replacement window that stands up well to others that are similar. I’d call them the Toyota or Ford of the window industry.

Bill – Homeowner, from Phoenix, Az. – 2009

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Atrium Window Prices

Here is a range for a standard sized double hung window including the cost of installation from Atrium.

Entry Range: $300 – $400 installed

Mid Range: $400 – $500 installed

Premium Range: $500 – 600 installed

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Atrium Complaints And Customer Service

I wanted to post a warning for other homeowners out there who are trying to decide on replacements. We had Atriums installed yeterday and these windows are just plain shoddy. The grids were done all wrong – uneven, positioned improperly. Beyond this, the quality of the windows are just bad. The glass and foam is uneven and does not appear to be sealed properly, there are dents in the frames, the windows aren’t level and several of the corners where they are welded together seem to be peeling. Basically just unacceptable.

I bought them because they were recommended to me be a saleswoman who said Atriums were on par with Milgards – I hope this isn’t the case because this speaks very poorly for Milgard. I called her and sent her the pictures of the install and am waiting to hear back about getting all of them replaced. Maybe if a couple of the windows had issues fine, but the whole batch seems to me to be a much bigger problem.

Wilma – Consumer – from 2008

[Response From Industry Expert]
Sorry to hear about your problems, that is a bummer. I’ve sold vinyl windows for a long time and unfortunately this isn’t that uncommon a story (or at least I hear them often enough to think this way). So now the question becomes whether Atrium will replace the windows in a timely manner. Atrium windows customer service seems to be pretty good from what I’ve heard (which isn’t much), but they are a fairly large operation so you need to be persistent to make sure you don’t fall through the cracks.

The issue you will have is that some of the problems are installer related (although it sounds like the windows weren’t made correctly) – a good installer should have looked at the windows and simply refused to put them in. The fact that they didn’t signals to me they don’t care much about their own reputation. My advise is to be persistent and work through the person you bought them from (assuming she’s worth her salt) to get them replaced by Atrium to your satisfaction. Good luck!

Ed – Vinyl Window Rep – from 2008

[Response From Atrium Customer Service]
Atrium sent out a customer rep and they offered to replace all of the windows. I had been pushing to have them taken out and replaced with something entirley new, but in the end this was going to be a much bigger headache. I guess we will see if we truly just got a bad batch or not, that remains to be seen. I’m not super confident that I’m going to be satisfied with the windows, but I have to hand it to Atrium because we called on Wednesday and they had someone out to the house by Saturday to straighten it out.

Wilma – Consumer – from 2008

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