Best Arizona Replacement Windows

Explore our recommendations for the best Arizona replacement windows from top manufacturers and local companies. Arizona is a hot place (although the North also has high desert climates that can get very cold in the winter) and your windows need to be able to stand up to the harsh climate and conditions. This is one place where aluminum windows tend to be popular. Aluminum is an extremely strong material and will not bend or warp in 105 degree weather (cheaper vinyl extrusions can have these issues over time in severe heat, although top rated vinyl products should be fine).

The one place where aluminum is not recommended is in cold climates like the high North Arizona region, where vinyl, composite or fiberglass are probably a better option. Fiberglass windows are also nicely suited to the harsh climate and should therefore be one option you consider.


Milgard has a good reputation and is available throughout the Western states. Their aluminum windows are well made and not exorbitant in price, perhaps somewhere in the middle. Consumers can expect to pay $550 to $850 fully installed.

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Gerkin is perhaps best known for their commercial aluminum windows called the Rhino Series. These windows are primarily sold to builders, contractors and developers. Gerkin residential products are sold through local distributors.

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The Marvin Integrity and Infinity are both available as a fiberglass exterior and interior (although the Integrity can be ordered in a real wood interior). They are nice looking windows, but many people feel the Infinity series is a better choice. While more expensive that the Integrity, the Infinity offers a thicker frame and more options including a lifetime warranty with a twenty year glass warranty.

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Inline manufactures high quality fiberglass windows that are quite pricey, but are available in a number of styles and options. Inline uses a high end glass with high SHGC to help maximize passive solar energy. The Inline should be available througout Arizona.

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