Cascade Windows Reviews

Explore Cascade windows reviews from homeowners and contractors who have worked with the company and their products in the past.

Cascade Windows Reviews

I am in the process of collecting quotes for windows and patio doors for an apartment complex that I manage in Jefferson City. There are so many single hung and sliding window companies – it’s overwhelming. So far I have quotes from Anderson, Pella, Cascade and Jeld Wen. Of course due to the size of the project price is a very important factor, but we also want a decent quality cheap window. The most important consideration over the price is the warranty and customer service offered by the company, as I am sure there will be a few problems along the way when installing close to 1,000 windows.

As I sit here now with the estimates in front of me, Andersen is in first, closely followed by Jeld-Wen. I don’t know much about the Cascade windows and would appreciate some advice there and I believe Pella doesn’t have the best reputation, so doubt we’ll even consider them. If you can think of any other window I should add to my list I would appreciate your input. Also if all the prices were exactly the same, which would you suggest?

Donovan- Homeowner – 2013

[Contractor Response]
As cost is your main consideration, you should ditch Andersen and Pella windows – these are high end windows that aren’t ideal for vinyl frames. Cascade and Jeld-Wen low end manufacturers. The best vinyl windows on the market are made by Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite and let’s throw Simonton in there as a national option.

Brian – Contractor – 2013

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Pricing Information

Windows: $150 to $250

Installation $50 to $200

Total: $200 to $450 per opening

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Cascade or Simonton

I am busy replacing fifteen windows in my home and have quotes for Cascade, Simonton 5500 series and the Simonton Prism. I am replacing Bristol windows in triple pane, which I have had nightmares with, so I want to ensure the windows I choose this time will not be a bad choice.

Judd – Consumer in Colorado – from 2011

[Response From Installer]
I would suggest you shop around, but if you have a limited choice then go with the Simonton Prism. Make sure you choose the platinum series, stay away from the bronze and gold options.

Evan – Installer – from 2011

Good Window, Good Service

I have a lot of experience with the Cascade windows here in Los Angeles. I’ve never had any problems when it comes to the windows, service or warranty. For each order I have found their deliveries to be on time. Over the years there have been a few minor glitches, such as screens missing, but this is always sorted out quickly and effectively, without any hassle. The one patio door I installed was damaged during the delivery and when I contacted Cascade, they actually sent out someone on their own dime to install the door at their own cost.

All my customers have been really happy with the Cascade windows I have installed and I have no hesitation in recommending them. Of course, installation does play a vital role in the performance and visual appeal of a window and in a majority of cases, clients that have window problems find that the problem actually lies with the installation and not the actual window.

Tom – Installer – from 2011

Poor Customer Service

I have found that the customer service offered by Cascade Windows in California is horrible. They don’t cover labor and I am still waiting on the parts they promised me. Overall a very poor performance on their part, next time I will purchase windows from a company that stands behind their product.

Jeff – Consumer – from 2011

Cascade vs. JeldWen

I am in the process of obtaining quotes for replacement windows for my coastal home. Here the weather is very unpredictable and reaches around seventy five degrees in summer and thirty two in winter. The one quote I received was on Cascade Windows with an argon fill and low-e glass for $11,499.

I believe the Cascade Winpro has better performance numbers than JeldWen, especially their U-Factor numbers. I believe Cascade use a rubber spacer and JeldWen use aluminum. I did ask the salesman at Home Depot and he said the aluminum spacer doesn’t cause the seal to break. Though I do need more advice on this. I read on one of the forums while trying to find out more about window options that Cascade is considered a lower grade window than many of the others. Apparently JeldWen is the lowest grade and Milgard is a little better than the Cascade. Can anyone tell me if this is true?

Anne – Consumer in California – from 2006

[Response From Installer]
I have experience working with Cascade and JeldWen Windows. Most windows sold at Home Depot are considered lower grade, but I believe the JeldWen choices to be a much better option than Cascade. You have been misinformed, as the JeldWen actually used a tin plated steel spacer, not an aluminum one. Also the Sierra series has a frame and sash interlock made from sixteen gauge steel, which is durable and will last. Because of your location, you may not need the argon fill, this may be a complete waste of money, especially if you are looking at low-e glass windows, as the coating is on the inside of the panes and should work well in your area without the argon fill.

I think you need to shop around a bit more before making a decision, you have not been offered the best windows for your location. If you like you can tell me where you live and I can make some recommendations. Be aware that Cascade change on a regular basis and you need to ensure they still back their warranties on their older products. Other windows you should consider include Amerimax, CertainTeed, Milgard and Anlin.

Jerry – Installer – from 2006

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Low Grade Option

Often I find that Cascade are priced similar to Anlin or CertainTeed and in my opinion this should not be the case. I consider Cascade as a builder grade window and don’t compare to the newer windows on the market when it comes to build quality or construction. From what I can see they offer a good warranty which is why they are considered a decent window.

I would recommend looking at CertainTeed over Cascade. The Somerton range is better than Milgard. Anlin are good windows and are durable with impressive U-Factor numbers. If you can get Anlin in the same price range as Cascade or CertainTeed, I would go with the Anlins.

Kris – Installer – from 2005

Cascade or Milgard

I am busy gathering quotes on replacing sixteen windows. One is a picture window and the balance are single hung windows. So far I have three quotes, two are for Cascade, the one is around $4,000 and the other is for $4,600. The third quote is for Milgard Tuscany at $5,000. Budget is a big factor in my decision, but at the same time I don’t want to end up with poor quality windows. My main criteria is energy efficiency and a window that works. I believe the Milgard warranty includes a glass breakage policy, but working it out I would need to break a few windows to make this a worthwhile option. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

Anne – Consumer in California – from 2006

[Response From Installer]

I would go with Milgard over Cascade. They are a good quality window with a fantastic warranty and service. You will not be disappointed paying that extra $1,000 for these windows.

Will – Installer – from 2006

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