Best Michigan Replacement Windows

Explore our recommendations for the best Michigan replacement windows from top manufacturers and local companies. Michigan, like Ohio has a ton of window manufacturers, especially in the vinyl market, which accounts for more than half of the replacement market. This means that consumers have lots of options and also leverage. Getting multiple bids plays a key part in maximizing quality and lowering costs by comparing and negotiating on the project quotes. Let the contractors and companies know there are several bids you are looking at and you will see price quotes start to go down.


Sunrise Windows is headquartered in Michigan and therefore has extensive coverage throughout the state. Along with Soft-Lite and Okna, Sunrise is considered one of the manufacturers that produces the best vinyl windows. Their Restorations Series is a fantastic option, although pricey. The Vanguard and Verde are less expensive and both considered very good windows as well.

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Simonton windows are a nice mid range vinyl window option, a step above Wallside. They are available in every state and Michigan is certainly no exception. They produce a number of different styles and provide quick turnaround and great customer service. Their 5500 series and 9800 Impressions tend to get good reviews for the price point.

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Wallside is more of a regional vinyl window manufacturer, although in the past five years or so they have begun to rapidly expand their operation into bordering states. They assemble and sell just one vinyl window series, much like Champion Windows. Their marketing, on the other hand, is much like Window World where they offer a low priced teaser such as the $189 installed advertising that Window World has become rather known for. Wallside then offers a number of upgrades and options, each of which adds to the per window price. They make a decent vinyl window, assuming that homeowners opt for a number of the upgrades such as glass package and sill reinforcement. Perhaps comparable to Milgard windows prices on the Styleline Series.

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