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Marvin Windows are a family-owned, private business that is considered by many in the industry to be a top notch company and producer. The company has won numerous J.D. Power and Associates award for the their products, the Crystal Achievement Award from Window & Door magazine, an ADEX award, and are generally well regarded by consumers and industry insiders. Discover the basics of this company, a general price range and a description of some of their most popular window lines.

“Marvin offers both new construction and replacement windows – they specialize in custom orders through distributors and contractors. They offer consumers tons of frame choices, glass packages, window sizes and hardware options to fit a huge range of price points.”

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Basics Of Marvin Windows

Marvin offers both new construction and replacement windows. On the replacement side, they offer a frame-in-frame and sash-only option. The frame-in-frame simply replaces the insert and leaves the existing frames (assuming they’re in good condition), making for a less costly and less labor intensive process. The sash-only option is a good choice if the frame is in good shape, but the sash has seen better days. They specialize in custom orders through distributors and contractors and offer tons of frames, glass packages, sizes and hardware options to fit a huge range of price points.

Known For Wood Windows
Their wood frames can be ordered in Douglas fir or pine, with optional upgrades to cherry, mahogany or white oak. The also offer nine casing options, nineteen standard exterior cladding color options. Customers can custom mix interior and exterior frame colors. All of their windwos come with insulated glass as a standard feature, and customers can choose additional energy efficient options such as low-e coatings, reflective coatings and argon gas fills.

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Marvin Window Prices

Range: $350 to $1050 installed

Marvin is in the higher end of the cost scale. Consumers should expect to pay b/n $350 and $1050 for Marvin windows installed. This prices includes professional installation and the window itself. For more detailed pricing information from past customers, see Marvin windows prices.

Popular Product Lines

Marvin Integrity Windows

This line is available in two profiles; the Wood Ultrex or the All Ultrex. The Wood Ultrex windows have fiberglass exteriors and wood interiors. The All Ultrex have the fiberglass on both the exterior and the interior. It uses a pultruded fiberglass instead of vinyl, which they is 8 times stronger than vinyl window replacements. Homeowners who plan to stain the outside of these wood windows to be order order clear windows (as opposed to finger jointed). Unless specifically ordered, the panes normally come clear on the inside, however the exterior blindstops, sills and subsills will have finger joints. The Integrity is much more limited in its options than the Infinity (see below).

Available Styles: Awning, Casement, Bay, Bow, Double Hung, Slider, Round Top, Polygon, Sliding French Door, Inswing and Outswing French Door and Sliding Patio Door.

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Marvin Infinity Windows

The Infinity line began production in 2002 and is a fiberglass frame that is known as the Ultrex. The Infinity is only available in fiberglass frames (as opposed to the Integrity, see above) and is sold as a replacement window option. The Infinity has a bit of a thicker Ultrex profile than the Integrity. The Infinity Series is a considered to be a higher end window compare to the Integrity and many think it looks more attractive that the Integrity. The Infinity comes with lots of color, finish, grill, glass and hardware options.

Available Styles: Awning, Casement, Bay, Bow, Double Hung, Slider, Picture, Polygon and Round Top Windows. They also sell Infinity patio doors in a number of styles.

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Marvin Ultimate Windows

The Ultimate line is a double hung replacement window that is constructed to be installed with minimal or no disturbance to the inside trim or outside of the window frame. This line is a wood frame that has tons of custom options available, including several round top frame selections. The company touts its DP50 performance ratings.

Warranty Information

Marvin windows are backed by a 20 year warranty on the insulated glass. Their warranty is not as extensive as say Milgard but many industry insiders feel that offer a good warranty on very well made products – thus less need for extended warranty terms.

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