Amerimax Windows

Amerimax windows enjoy a solid reputation in the business for producing good quality vinyl windows and products. They are at the upper end of vinyl window prices, but with professional and thorough installation the windows should be an excellent investment. Click to read more on Amerimax reviews.

“The company specializes in vinyl replacement windows that foucs on quality and energy efficiency. They carry four product lines and offer a good limited lifetime window warranty.”

Basics Of Amerimax Windows

Amerimax windows are produced by Amerimax Building Products, Inc., which operates numerous fabrication facilities across the nation. The company specializes in vinyl replacement options that foucs on quality and energy efficiency. They carry four product lines and offer a good limited lifetime window warranty.

Product Lines From Amerimax Windows

Masters Grande Series
Available in horizontal sliders or double hung windows. They offer an easy cleaning system and a thin frame profile and sleek lines.

Craftsman Portrait Series
This series contains a single movable sash, as opposed to the Masters above, which contains two movable sashes. The sash is removable for cleaning, the frame is multi chambered for strength and the AI numbers are solid. There are numerous configurations available with this design.

Aristocrat Casement Series
This series focuses a bit more on aesthetics and strength. Consumers can choose from a 1-lite, 2-lite or 3-lite design, as well as the option on awnings or picture windows.

Bays & Bows
Always custom build, the bay or bow windows option allow for many features, including head and seat boards.

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Amerimax Window Prices

Price Range: $400 to $750 installed

Amerimax windows are at the upper range of uPVC prices. Consumers can expect to pay between $400 and $750 for Amerimax windows. This cost range includes both the product and professional installation. For more detailed price information from actual customers, see our page on Amerimax window prices.

Warranty Information

Amerimax allows one transfer of ownership from the original purchaser to another buyer of the home. Consumers have to sign the warranty card and mail it in within 30 days of installation for it to be valid. As always, there are lots of exclusions to what is covered and consumers should read the warranty in its entirety in order to thoroughly understand what the company is actually covering.

Materials: Limited lifetime on manufacturing defects.

Parts: Limited lifetime on parts such as balances, keepers, locks and screws.

Glass: Limited lifetime on what they consider failed glass.

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