Republic Windows

Interested in finding out more on Republic Windows And Doors? This company no longer manufacturers vinyl replacement windows.

Republic Windows And Doors

In late 2008, Republic Windows And Doors of Chicago, Illinois ceased manufacturing windows and doors. The economic downturn led to Bank of America cancelling their line of credit, which meant no more backing. The company initially refused to pay their employees for accrued vacation or sick days, a violation of the WARN act. The union and owners eventually reached an agreement that paid them out for their accrued time and 1 month of health insurance coverage.

Just before Republic ceased operations and declared Bankruptcy, the owners of Republic Windows And Doors bought Echo Windows And Doors, located in Red Oak, Iowa. In the fall of 2009, Cook county brought suit against Republic’s owners, claiming that they took 10 truckloads of Republic owned window manufacturing equipment prior to the plant colsure. (Presumably to be used in their new factory.) However, Echo Windows And Doors went out of business in Febraury of 2009.

As far as Republic Windows And Doors, its building and assets were bought by Serious Materials, which produces energy efficient windows and doors. This is very unfortunate for homeowners who purchased Republic Windows as there is no recourse for defective or broken parts, hardware, sashes etc.

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