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uPVC windows prices are nearly identical to vinyl costs. The reason is that they are for the most part the same thing. In fact, most good vinyl manufacturers use uPVC for their vinyl extrusions. UPVC windows costs are therefore in the mid to high range of vinyl window costs – roughly $300 to $700 for the windows themselves and some form of professional installation. Price fluctuations come from different manufacturers, window size, glass features and hardware.

“uPVC windows costs are less expensive than aluminum and wood window types. In fact, most mid to high end vinyl window manufacturers use uPVC in their extrusions.”

uPVC Windows Prices (Windows Only)

Entry Level Cost: $200 – $275
Entry level prices use basic glass and may be limited in color selection and window features. The uPVC frame will contain less chambers and have less insulation than the standard or higher priced options. Basic uPVC window frames will usually be a fixed frame or a single hung.

Standard Costs: $275 – $350
Standard uPVCs cost may fluctuate around the $300 mark for the product itself. Consumers can expect a mid range glass package with some energy efficient options like low-e glass, argon fills and uv coatings. You may have additional color options and more types such as awnings or casements.

High End uPVC Windows Price: $350 – $450
Higher end uPVC may include a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty that gives you some recourse if problems should arise. The glass package will include double or even triple pane glass, along with energy efficient glass, low U and R values, fills and insulation. The high end uPVCs will be casements, awnings, garden and will have solid extrusions with multiple chambers that are all insulated.

uPVC Install Cost

Consumers can expect to pay $100 to $250 for the installation portion of the project. The lower pricing will be for simple inserts that fit well into the existing opening. Price become more expensive if a contractor needs to enlarge or alter the window opening, which involves carpentry, framing and/or finishing work. This involves lots of time and skilled work. Higher end installers will also often charge high end cost.

Total uPVC Windows Prices

Total Entry Level: $250 – $350 installed

Mid Range: $350 – $550 installed

High End: $550 – $700 installed

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