Best Replacement Windows

Here are our recommendations on the best replacement windows according to material or frame. The vinyl selections are listed first because of their overwhelming popularity in the replacement market. We also broke it up according to location due to the fact that many vinyl manufacturers are regional and do not have distributors throughout the country. For additional information on top sellers, check out our page on Consumer Reports best windows – one thing to be aware of in terms of Consumer Reports is that the company only tests products that can be purchase in stores or over the counter and therefore does not test many of the best replacement windows that can only be found through distirbutors.

Best Vinyl Windows – East Coast

Each of these manufacturers makes good vinyl windows and we recommend purchasing their mid range or high end model to insure the best overall value.


Recommended Model: Elements
Price Range: $650 Installed
» Soft-Lite


Recommended Model: 800 EnviroStar
Price Range: $650 Installed
» Okna


Recommended Model: Restoration
Price Range: $675 Installed
» Sunrise


Recommended Model: 2300 SpectraGuard
Price Range: $600 Installed

Best Vinyl Windows – West Coast


Recommended Model: Craftsman Portrait
Price Range: $500 Installed
» Amerimax


Recommended Model: Coronado
Price Range: $550 Installed
» Anlin


Recommended Model: Tuscany
Price Range: $440 Installed
» Milgard


Recommended Model: Impressions 9800
Price Range: $600 Installed
» Simonton

Best Budget Vinyl Window Options


Recommended Model: 9500 Series
Price Range: $375 Installed
» Silverline


Recommended Model: 5050 Series
Price Range: $400 Installed
» Simonton


Recommended Model: Hyde Park
Price Range: $325 Installed
» Vinylmax

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Wood Clad Windows


Recommended Model: Ultimate
Price Range: $900 Installed
» Marvin


Recommended Model: Wood Clad
Price Range: $1000 Installed
» Loewen


Recommended Model: 400
Price Range: $800 Installed
» Andersen

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Fiberglass Windows

Marvin Infinity

Recommended Model: Infinity
Price Range: $700 Installed
» Marvin Infinity

Marvin Integrity

Recommended Model: Integrity
Price Range: $600 Installed
» Marvin Integrity

Pella Impervia

Recommended Model: Impervia
Price Range: $750 Installed
» Pella Impervia