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Read Joyce windows reviews from consumers and contractors on their Heritage and Insulator window series. This Ohio based company has an interesting history. They were quite a small operation until they took over a company called Graef Windows. Graef was generally well liked and made good products.

Today, Joyce is best known for its Heritage series. More specifically, its integration into the many branches of Zen Windows, which offers the series as one of its premium models. Zen has branches in lots of major cities in the midwest and northeast, and the result is that Joyce’s name is riding the Zen expansion.

In general, I think the Heritage is a good vinyl window and one that I would consider in my own home if the price is right.

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Joyce Windows Reviews

Hi Bill, we got an estimate of $620 for triple pane, double hung from Joyce (installation included).

Before triple pane, we were offered Polaris for $494 (installation included), double hungs.

We’ll replace 11 around the house.

We’d appreciate your recommendation.

Esin – Homeowner – from 2023

Website Editor’s Answer

Esin, those are both excellent prices although you didn’t specify the window series from either Joyce or Polaris, which can make quite a difference. On the face of it though, I like the price on each. I happen to really like Polaris so the fact that its the cheaper by far, I would initially give my thumbs up to this option.

Bill – Site Editor – from 2023

Joyce Windows Reviews

Joyce windows took over Graef, a few years ago and are based out of Berea Ohio. They make a decent vinyl window, I would say it is a solid mid grade manufacturer. I don’t think I have actually installed any Joyce windows per se, but have handled tons of jobs that used Graef windows and never had an issue with them, and that is after 10 years of them being installed in homes.

Matt – Window Installer – from 2020

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Joyce Windows Cost

Joyce window prices range from $650 to $750 fully installed. Joyce vinyl windows show up quite a bit for Zen window bids. The different branches will offer Soft-Lite windows, Joyce, and Alside windows. While Soft-Lite is preferred, Joyce is quite close behind.

Joyce Heritage Cost: $650 installed

Joyce Door Costs: $800 to $2500 installed

Zen Lotus Joyce vs. Zen Nirvana

I finally got an estimate from the Sunrise dealer which is $800 more than the Zen Nirvana Sunlite / Zen Lotus Joyce for 8 double hungs with traditional/colonial grids (we also have a few more windows to replace which is in pipeline!).

Zen Nirvana Sunlite / Zen Lotus Joyce : $5420.00 (U:0.27, SHGC: 0.21, AIR: 0.07)

Sunrise Restorations with Omega 12 GCU: $6230.00 (U:0.28, SHGC: 0.21, AIR: 0.03)

Another difference I could see is in the warranty – Zen says 100% “anything and everything covered for life of the window (transferable to any)” where as the Sunrise dealer offers 10 yr installation workmanship PLUS the manufacturer limited life time warranty (NO labor, transferable once)

Would you share your thoughts please?

Thank you very much.

Bing – Homeowner – June, 2020

Website Editor’s Answer

In terms of the window, the Sunrise Restorations is one of the best, the Zen Nirvana Sunlite / Zen Lotus Joyce are good windows. The cost difference would probably be worth it to me to jump to the Restorations.

Both warranties look good. I’ve never head of a branch giving a lifetime workmanship warranty on a window. That strikes me as untenable. If after twenty years they will replace any failing windows for free, go for it. But I doubt that’s what they will do.

John – Site Editor – June, 2020

Joyce Factory Direct Reviews

Joyce is a good window that I’ve used on a handful of jobs. They had some grid alignment issues with their line that used the super spacer, although it could have been the spacer issue as opposed to the window. They are definitely more of a smaller, more regional manufacturer, which is certainly not bad considering all the issues the larger manufacturers have gone through over the last ten years. I would compare them to say an Amerimax or a Harvey. Overall, I think they make a solid product with pretty good performance numbers. I would recommend several of their products to clients given the right budget and circumstances.

Richard – Industry Expert – from 2011

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