Ply Gem Windows Reviews 2022

Our Ply Gem windows reviews offers customer, industry professional, homeowner and contractor opinions on many of their window lines and series. As well, find out how the company responded to problems and issues and find some pricing details.

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Ply Gem Windows Reviews

Vinylmax Hyde Parks vs Plygem Premiums

I have narrowed my search down to Vinylmax Hyde Parks and Plygem Premiums. I compared the two windows side by side and I feel like the Vinylmax is stronger and the welds look nicer. Vinylmax offers an original homeowner warranty and glass breakage, while Plygem’s warranty is 25 years (no glass breakage). Both windows are in my budget, with the Vinylmax coming in at $60 per window more. The quotes are for the same package – frame tear outs and installation on double hungs with low-e glass and foam in frames. Any advice on which one to go with?

Rick – Homeowner – from 2012

[Response From A Professional Installer]

Since the quotes are obviously offering the same basic package and the same basic price it should come down to the window ratings and numbers . Compare the U-value, SHGC, DP and AI numbers. Hopefully, that will be enough to make the choice a bit more clear. I have never installed Vinylmax, although the window has some nice features to it. However, I like the Plygem stainless spacer, where the Vinylmax has the Intercept space, which I’m not a fan of. Plygem offers a transferrable lifetime warranty I believe.

Joe – Window Installer – from 2012

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Ply Gem Pro Series

We recently replaced all of our windows with Ply Gem Pro Series with low-e, triple pane glass. They look very nice and the noise has definitely been reduced. We haven’t had a winter to put them through the litmus test but so far so good. They were installed by a local window company and there was some paint cracking at some of the corners.

My big issue occurred during the ordering portion of the process. During all of our interactions, he was showing me the Premium series. On the order sheet, he put down the Model number, never wrote down the series but we were ordeing the Premium. I called them once I looked over the contract order a few days later to confirm and he said yes it was the Premium Series we had ordered. 14 dyas later, they installed the Pro Series and I didn’t think to check until after they were already in. How do you discuss a particular window, say yes that’s what we want and then give the customer the mid quality window? That really made me mad and I don’t feel like it was just a mistake…

Ned – Homeowner – from 2011

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Overall A Good Experience

Our Ply Gem windows are very solid, although we haven’t owned them for more than a year. We ordered their 18 of their Pro Series and installed an outswinging French door. Before buying, I went to their production warehouse and checked out all of the products firsthand. They were very helpful and luckily had a stock color that closely matched the oil-rubbed bronze that we were using for our hardware.

There were a few customizations that I asked for and they were quick to point out that certain changes that I made would void the warranty. The issue for me was that it didn’t seem like I could make any changes that were needed so the door and each window would look good with our interior decor. It seems like a mass production outfit, not a specialty product at all.

To their credit, the installation was clean and efficient. There was one error in the bathroom where I had order a double hung and they ordered a single hung. They asked if it was ok, I said yes and they took off the difference. The install guys were very pleasant and the windows were nicely priced.

Bill – Homeowner – from 2011

Ply Gem vs. Milgard

I am looking for windows for my home in Southern California. Later on I am heading over to a local glass store that supplies Milgard, I am hoping this will give me some insight into the windows available in my area. Hopefully they have some other brands to choose from such as Reliabilt, PlyGem and Simontons. Any lumberyards that were in the area have closed by now, which leaves me pretty limited on the options available.

Dillan – Past Customer – 2010

[Installers Reply]

Try and get some more information on the Simonton Asure range. While they are newer windows, they are good quality and much better than Reliabilt. Personally I would choose PlyGem or Milgard over Reliabilt windows or Atriums any day. Also go for vinyl. Most vinyl companies will offer a lifetime warranty on all their windows, not all companies offer the same warranty, so pay careful attention to this. Lowes have PlyGems and they are reasonably priced. I’ve tried the lumberyards in my area, but they don’t have quality vinyl windows, which are the ones with a better warranty and minimal maintenance.

Melvin – Installer – 2010

Ply Gem 200 Series

The Pro Series 200 by Ply Gem is one of the better products put out by window companies today for quality and durability. On the West Coast, the Southern California plant is in Corona, California (there are three plants on the West Coast). They offer a strong warranty, although there is no glass breakage warranty. I would put their Pro Series windows on par with Milgard’s Tuscany line.

Jeff – Industry Expert – 2009

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