Window Installation Terminology

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Brick Molding
A strip of trim or molding that is positioned alongside the exterior of the frame to cover any gaps between the frame and the exterior brick or other type of siding.

Cam Lock
Sash locks that prevent windows from being opened from the exterior.

Drip Cap
Material installed on top of the brick molding above a window that prevents water from infiltrating or penetrating any space.

A strip of material (usually metal) that is placed around the perimeter to prevent water infiltration and penetration.

Dividers that give the illusion of separate panes of glass. Exterior grilles can be removed for easier cleaning.

Molding that is placed along the outer edge of a frame to secure the exterior siding that meets the window frame.

Part of a casement window lock which is mounted on the inner sash.

The handle used on single or double hungs to make it easier to lift. It is mounted on the bottom rail of the inner sash.

Lock Rail
Horizontal portion of the sash on which a cam lock is attached.

Lock Stile
Vertical portion of the sash on which a cam lock is attached.

Separator (either vertical or horizontal) between two windows.

Additional Installation Terms

Narrow strips or separators that connect individual panes of glass to make one larger sash.

Muntin Grille
A single piece that is attached to the outside of the glazing to make the glass look as though it’s made up of smaller individual glass panes.

Nailing Fin
A flange that is attached to a frame and is used to attach the frame to the stud wall.

Picture Frame Casing
Trim that completely surrounds the window frame on the inside surface on all sides.

Sash Lock
A lock that works by having one portion of the lock on each of the meeting rails of a window (a cam lock on the lower sash and the matching receptacle on the upper sash).

Unison Lock
A locking system that has two separate locks that lock with the use of one handle. These locks are typically used on casement windows.

Vapor Barrier
Waterproof material that is placed around the exterior of a home and around the openings around windows and doors to prevent moisture from infiltrating into the interior of a home.

Flexible material that is used along the edges of a window frame to reduce the amount of air leakage and to prevent water infiltration.

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