Best Ohio Replacement Windows

Explore our recommendations for the best Ohio replacement windows from top manufacturers and local companies. Ohio has a ton of window manufacturers, especially in the vinyl market, which accounts for more than half of the replacement market. So this means that the informed consumer has not only a lot of choices, but also some leverage. Get 3 or 4 free bids and see where you are in terms of price and quality before making any decisions. Letting the contractors or companies know that you have a few bids out will work well to getting them down in overall project cost (just make sure they aren’t skimping on the installation).

“Ohio is a mecca for window manufacturing, meaning there are a whole host of options, especially in the vinyl window market. This means the smart shopper should be able to get a good competitive price from a top manufacturer if they put in a little time and effort.”


Soft-Lite is headquartered in Ohio and has tons of distributors throughout the state. They are one of better vinyl window manufacturers around and always get very nice reviews from contractors and homeowners alike.

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Sunrise is another of the big three (Soft-Lite, Sunrise and Okna) that are often mentioned as the best vinyl window manufacturers. Their Restorations Series is a fantastic option, although pricey. The Vanguard and Verde are less expensive and both considered very good windows as well.

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Polaris prices will run $400 to around $700 fulled installed. Get pricing and product info on the ValuSmart, ThermalWeld and UltraWeld window series. Polaris is generally considered a very good vinyl window manufacturer and their UltraWeld gets high marks from contractors and installers. Consumers can expect solid performance numbers at fair to average window costs and the Ohio based company has nice consistency in their manufacturing.

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Stane makes good vinyl windows, not in the same category as the other two above, but still very good. They make an extremely strong hurricane window (they have a great video on their website that shows objects hitting the window and shows just how strong it is).

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Champion windows is an Ohio based manufacturer with a national presence that focuses on vinyl replacements. (Although their factory showrooms and distribution points are concentrated in the midwest, northeast and south.) They are not franchised like a Renewal By Andersen so all of their stores sell only their windows and all replacement window installation is done by their trained installers.

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