Impact Windows Costs & Prices

Impact windows cost will range from $500 to $1300 installed and will vary according to the manufacturer, the type of frame material, the window ratings, the quality of the glass package and how difficult the installation of the project. For more information, refer to our page on impact windows.

“Impact windows cost ranges considerably because of the technology used to reinforce the glass portion of the window. For homeowners who live in hurricane regions like Florida and South Carolina, the additional cost can pay for itself multiple times over.”

Impact Windows Cost On The Window Itself

Entry Level Pricing: $350 – $500
Entry level prices will usually be a composite or vinyl frame with a limited number of colors to choose from. The smaller sized windows will obviously cost less and they will be fixed widows and cannot be opened for ventilation. The glass will probably be a resin laminate, which costs less than the other options – essentially the resin laminte is poured between the two panes of glass.

Mid Range Pricing: $500 – $650
Standard impact windows cost will range from $500 to $650 and will be a high end vinyl or a lower end clad window (maybe fiberglass on the outside and wood on the inside). Often they will come from a mid to well known brand and may be able to be opened. The glass material might be a polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which is one of the more commonly used materials. It will use good argon or krypton fills and good hardware.

High End Pricing: $650 – $900
High end imapct windows will be wood or wood clad with a fiberglass or fibrex exteriorwood frames. At this price range, the window may be larger and is often a custom order, allowing homeowners to choose more options in the color, size and frame set up. The glass package will include low-e, krypton or argon fill and foam insulation. The material in the glass will probably be SGB, which is harder and stiffer than the polyvinyl butyral. This material is what is used in many some bullet-proof windows.

Impact Windows Cost

Installations Pricing: $150 to $400

Expect the window installation cost to run $150 to $400 per window. The lower cost range is for simple replacements swapped into an existing “hole.” Larger frames that need to be enlarged or reduced down involve much more labor an materials and will be in that upper price range.

Total Impact Windows Cost

Entry Level Prices: $500 – $700
Entry level impact windows cost will top out at $700 installed.

Mid Range Prices: $700 – $900
Standard costs will top out at $900 installed.

High End Prices: $900 – $1300
Upper end project pricing will top out at $1300 per window installed.

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