Renewal By Andersen Windows

Renewal By Andersen windows is confusing to many consumers who assume that this is a replacement line offered by Andersen. In fact, RBA windows are independently owned franchises, meaning that the RBA in your hometown is independently owned and operated. Check out all of our Renewal By Andersen reviews.

Basics Of Renewal By Andersen Windows

Because RBA is franchised, consumers are buying replacement windows from a franchise, not Andersen window. This can be a good thing if the franchise owner is customer oriented and can service the needs of their clients better than a national organization located in a different state etc. Conversely, a franchise owner who cares more about making money and less about properly serving their clients can leave homeowners angry and frustrated – mainly because Andersen cannot offer much (or any) help since they sell the windows to the franchise owner, not the consumer.

Overall Window Quality

The overall quality of RBA windows is very good. They offer custom made vinyl composite windows that use very excellent materials and come with a good warranty. However, many consumers complain about the presentation and/or strong arm pricing tactics used by some of the franchises. See below for more detail.

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RBA Window Costs

RBA is at the high end of the window pricing scale. Consumers can expect to spend $800 to $1200 installed for Renewal By Andersen windows. The prices does include both window and installation. More pricing info from past customers, see our page on cost of Renewal By Andersen.

Price Range: $800 to $1200 installed

Renewal By Andersen Complaints

Visit any replacement window forum or google “Renewal By Andersen Complaints” and you are sure to get a long list of consumer grievances. For the most part, they center on two big issues:

1. Sales Process: Homeowners contact RBA who then set up an in-home 90 minute presentation where they insist that all decision-makers in the family are present. They come in and make their 90 minute pitch and write up a proposal with a per window price that is at the very top of the price spectrum. The consumer balks at the price and the salesman begins to see what he can do coming up with rebates, discounts for signing today etc. and whittles it down. If the consumer says they will take the bid and compare it to other bids, the sales pitch ends and the salesperson leaves.

2. Very High Prices: RBA often quotes an intial price of like $1200 for double hungs. They will come down on their price but often just down to $1000 per window. This is often more expensive than other top manufacturers like Pella and Marvin windows. The complaint is that the windows and customer service are not strong enough to justify paying top dollar.

Renewal By Andersen Warranty

RBA offers a limited window warranty that is transferable and covers the following:

Glass: 20 year limited warranty.
Installation: 2 year limited warranty.
Frame/Sash And Components: 10 year limited warranty.