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Hanson Window Information

There are a few things that customers should know about the Hanson Windows. First off, Hanson Windows are known for their excellent customer service. Each customer complaint is dealt with in a quick and efficient manner and each complaint is taken very seriously. The file is never closed until Hanson is sure the customer is completely happy with the result.

Of course all companies have a downside when it comes to their product and service and the only real disadvantage with Hanson Windows is that some customer complaints can take longer to resolve than some of the big players – Simonton and Marvin for instance. This is because each case is investigated to ensure customer satisfaction. The advice that is given to senior managers at Hanson Windows is to ensure that the customers are cared for ensuring the reputation isn’t tarnished in any way. Basically Hansons takes any necessary steps to ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction, if they cannot achieve this they must offer a refund.

John – Customer Service Rep for Hanson – from 2012

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