Patio Windows

Patio windows and doors provide a beautiful focal point to any home that can transform an ordinary space into something not only wonderful to look at, but also very functional. They can add tremendous amounts of light, great ventilation, save on space and can bring a sense of spaciousness by opening the room onto a beautiful patio or entertaining area. While we say patio windows, they are really part of a door — although often times the window glass makes up the majority of the area.

Types Of Patio Windows

Hinged Patio Doors

Hinged doors have one or two panels that are comprised mostly of glass. They open either outwards or inwards along the hinge or hinges, much like standard doors. Those that open outwards open up a room and maximize the space of a room (as opposed to doors that swing inwards and cannot use the space for furniture etc.). Two outward swinging hinged doors are often referred to as French doors.

Gliding Patio Doors

Gliding doors have one or two panels that are comprised mostly of glass where the panel closest to the latch or locking mechanism glides or slides past the other panel. These are fantastic for space saving and there is no issues with furniture blocking their opening as with hinged doors. Most people consider the hinged option more elegant, while the sliding option provides more space and functionality.

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Patio Windows & Costs

Price Range: $600 to $2500 installed

Patio Windows are often part of a door — either French or sliding. This means a higher price tag for the materials, although usually a lower installation cost because the window does not need to be framed, the door has to be hung (typically a much easier process). Discover more on patio windows prices.


Room With A View

By far, the best feature of patio windows is the view they provide of your patio, backyard etc. They provide a bridge between the inside and outside by opening up with a large entrance. Certainly french doors do this with much more appeal than sliding doors. Properly placed french doors can almost make the room that opens up and the space it opens up onto seem like a single space, allowing for a more spacious home that is great for sunday afternoons with families or entertaining with friends.

Let In Lots Of Light

Because the doors are made up mostly of glass, there is a ton of light that comes through patio windows. In fact, this option probably provides more window surface area than any other style available. Perfect for turning a dark room into a light and airy section of a home.

Lots Of Options

There are tons of options when it comes to patio windows. Either stock sizes or custom sized options from a large number of manufacturers. There are a number of color and finishing options as well.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning patio windows is extremely easy because the surface area is easily accessible. Simply use a non abrasive household cleaner and a damp cloth and wipe the frame or door – a non abrasive glass cleaner is great for the panes of glass.