Window Replacement Estimate Calculator

Our window replacement estimate calculator, (Cost Calculator & Estimator) —-> can help you get free estimates on your next project. How accurate is the estimate? For standard jobs, it is fairly accurate but is still only a range of what replacement pricing.

Window Replacement Estimate Calculator

There are so many variables that go into just the windows themselves (grids, glass package, fills, frame materials and color, hardware, etc.) that simply saying you want 10 double hungs still opens up a big range of prices. That is why we always recommend a homeowner get 3 quality window estimates. Even if you know what type or style you want (check out our company reviews section for contractor and homeowner opinions on the different manufacturers).

Window Replacement Estimate Calculator Basics

Here’s how it works.

1. Choose a window style. Double hung, single hung, awning, casement, etc.

2. Choose a frame types. Our replacement window estimate calculator adds these together

3. Choose a basic price range for the manufacturer. Economy, mid or high end.

4. Choose an installation option – professional or do it yourself. For the professional selection, it assumes that if you choose a mid range manufacturer that you would go with a mid range installation. The same for the economy or the high end selection.

5. Choose the number of windows you would like to buy.

Hit go and our window replacement estimate calculator goes to work giving you a bid price. We encourage visitors to put in different options to view the pricing for various scenarios. There are hundreds of combinations to choose from and each one will come up with unique pricing. In the end, it’s no substitute for an actual bid that breaks down the various aspects of your particular project. However, it’s a great free tool to help you get started and familiarize yourself with the main factors that affect pricing. Good luck!

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