Atrium Windows

Atrium windows is based out of Dallas, Tx and has been manufacturing windows for over 60 years. They enjoy a very solid reputation for their main focus, which is vinyl replacement windows, although they also produce aluminum windows on a more regional basis. For unbiased opinions on this company see our page on Atrium windows reviews.

Basics Behind Atrium Windows

Atrium windows has at least one manufacturing plants in differnt regions of the United States, including Northwest, Southwest. West Central, Central, East & Florida. They also produce different window lines in different regions (more demand in those areas but available to order in other areas as well). For instance, their Florida plant makes the Safe Harbor impact resistant windows for hurricane conditions, while their West Central plant produces Silent Guard soundproof windows.

In addition to vinyl, the company makes a line of aluminum frames and doors. They produce both new and replacement lines at different price points that are target marketed to either builders, contractors, homeowners and even architects. In certain markets, they sell other company products that are still under their ownership umbrella. These include Champion (different than the large national window company), North Star, Superior and Thermal Industries.

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Cost Of Atrium Windows

Price Range: $450 to $750 installed

Atrium is at the top end of uPVC pricings. Homeowners can expect to spend anywhere from $450 to $750 for each Atrium window installed. This includes both professional installation and the window. Discover more detailed information from past customers on Atrium window prices.

Atrium Windows & Products

Because the company produces different product lines in different regions, it is tough to list all of their products and where they are available. For more detail, find a local distributor or seller in your area to see which lines they carry. The following are a partial list of windows. The number is the window series.

Replacement Windows

890 Sliding Door
6000 Single Hung Replacement
6000 Picture Window Replacement
6000 Slider
2060 Awning Replacement
2050 Casement Replacement
2030 Picture Window Replacement
2020 Single Hung Replacement
2010 Slider
1000 Tilt Turn Replacement
1000 Picture Window Replacement

New Construction Windows

8200 Picture Window
8100 Single Hung
8000 Horizontal Slider
720 Picture Window
720 Casement
720 Awning
6400 Sliding Patio Door
6200 Picture Window
6100 Single Hung
6000 Horizontal Slider
R1600 French Door

Atrium Windows Warranty

The company offers a transferable limited lifetime window warranty on all of their products. See the warranty to see more specifics and any exclusions that may apply.

Materials And Workmanship: Limited Lifetime

Hardware: Limited Lifetime

Transfer of Warranty: Warranty may be tranferred once from originial owner and is good for an additional 10 years from the date of transfer.

Insulated Glass: The company covers 100% for 15 years and then the amount covers decreases each year. See warranty for schedule.

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