Clerestory Window Prices & Costs

Clerestory window prices will vary considerably, but they are certainly at the very top of the replacement windows cost spectrum. This is because clerestory windows are almost always custom made and will typically involve some level of demo, carpentry and finish work from an experienced contractor.

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Clerestory Window Prices

Economy Clerestory Window Prices – $800 – $1400
Economy clerestory windows will have 3 or 4 narrow windows that utilize standard window glass. They will usually be smaller windows that are fixed and do not allow for ventilation.

Standard Clerestory Window Prices – $1400 – $2500
Standard clerestory windows will have 3, 4, 5 or 6 windows that may use wood frames, but may also use vinyl or fiberglass frames. They will often be medium sized and have double paned windows that may or may not have insulation and some form of gas fills. A mid grade option may or may not have adjustable windows on the edge windows.

High End Clerestory Window Prices – $2500 – $4000
Often 4,5 6 or more windows placed equi-distance apart. Almost always wood framed windows that will can be quite larger than traditional clerestory windows. At this price level you can expect high quality window glass (double or triple paned), complete with gas fills and insulation. High end options may use adjustable windows such as casement or awning to increase ventilation and air flow through the room.

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Clerestory Installation Costs

Installation Pricing: $800 to $2500

Expect to pay $800 to $2500 for clerestory window installation. This is a good sized project that can be tricky due to the location of the windows and the skill needed to implement it correctly. The biggest project cost will involve opening or reducing down the “hole” for the framing and windows to be installed into.

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